2022 Healthy Mom and Baby Innovation Competition 3.0

Help us improve access to care for underrepresented mothers and children

Parkview Health, in collaboration with MATTER, is proud to present the 2022 Healthy Mom and Baby Innovation Competition 3.0. No matter their age, all children are babies to their mothers. This year, Healthy Mom and Baby 3.0 extends its scope into improving the lives of mothers and children through pre-teen. This look at pediatrics, with a lens of increasing equity for underrepresented mothers and children, will address issues pertaining to access to care for preventive and chronic conditions. Specifically, we will focus on improving access to care for underrepresented mothers and children.

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Our focus

Children, regardless of their age, are always babies to their mothers. Though there has been increased attention to maternal and child health, significant improvements still need to be made to increase access to quality

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Healthy children start with healthy mothers. Good health pre-pregnancy, early prenatal care and a positive environment postpartum contribute to a strong start for children.2 However, 31.1% of Indiana mothers who gave birth in 2019 didn’t receive prenatal care in the first trimester of

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One reason mothers may not receive necessary care is due to access. Mothers’ access to healthcare and consistent preventive care are critical to ensuring both maternal and infant health. Many insured women say their healthcare plans don’t always cover their needed medical care or that it pays less than they expected,4 and one third of women end up delaying or going without care due to costs.5

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In addition to a lack of coverage, the availability of primary care physicians hinders mothers’ access to preventive care for their children, especially in rural communities. For example, there is one primary care physician for every 1,510 Indiana residents, and in some counties, there is only one primary care physician for the entire county.6

A lack of access to consistent, high-quality and affordable healthcare increases the risk and severity of chronic conditions, healthcare costs, the risk of poor health outcomes, health disparities and mortality rate.

While Indiana is home to mothers and children that face these challenges, these issues are also unfortunately present nationally and globally. Parkview Health is called to help improve access to care for underrepresented mothers and children.

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Competition details


Global: Geography is not a barrier to participating in this program. The accelerator will be in a hybrid format with virtual options for those unable to travel for in-person components.


August 10, 2022

Prizes include:

  • Opportunity to explore pilot or partnership of your solution with Parkview
  • $10,000 cash award
  • One-year global membership with MATTER


Contributing partners

Parkview is proud to also be partnering with the HIMSS Indiana Chapter and the Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne for this innovation competition. With our community coming together toward this common goal, the impact will be much greater than if done alone.

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