User Experience (UX) Lab

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The User Experience (UX) Lab is a specialized unit within the Health Services and Informatics Research (HSIR) department that provides human-centered insights and expertise in technology designed to address challenges in healthcare delivery and utilization. Embedded within the largest health system in northeastern Indiana, we seek to be a differentiator for Parkview Health and offer our services to external health technology innovators who want to partner with a healthcare organization.

The UX Lab was originally founded in 2015 as an integral part of academic research sponsored by grant funding. Since its inception, the lab has expanded its scope to meet the growing needs of Parkview Health as well as external innovators who need help with product development. The UX Lab not only designs innovative healthcare solutions but also evaluates the impact of both existing and novel technology on care delivery by working directly with end users.

Using a variety of evidence-based methods, our team listens to and engages healthcare, community, and business stakeholders to understand and translate user needs into informed workflow and technology designs and policy recommendations. Our research helps increase cost savings, accelerate innovation and engages patients and clinicians in the evolution of health technology.  

Work with the UX Lab

What is UX?

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User Experience (UX) falls beneath the umbrella of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and is an interdisciplinary field that leverages principles from computer science, cognitive and social psychology, ergonomics and human factors, engineering, design, and others.

The study of UX helps uncover unarticulated needs and identify solutions using a variety of validated scientific research methods. UX research aims to align product and business strategy with the core needs and goals of the users.

UX research involves testing products with real users in the target demographic to find pain points, discover creative solutions and gather other valuable feedback from real users. The data collected from UX research is used to inform design changes or process updates. 

Our capabilities

Parkview's UX Lab provides a full portfolio of user experience research tools to fit the needs of any project. We use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to produce design insights as well as validate ideas for in-house quality improvement and scientific research projects.