Support Parkview Co-workers through the CEF and the Parkview Foundations

Thanks to the generous and compassionate hearts of our co-workers, through Parkview Foundations’ Coworker Emergency Fund (CEF), Parkview Health has the opportunity to help Parkview co-workers when they are in need. The CEF provides co-workers with limited financial assistance for short-term, crisis situations resulting from emergencies or catastrophic events. CEF funds are used to pay for essential expenses like housing, food, and utilities.

Our CEF committee reviews each application to determine funding, if any, based upon the specific situations. Funding for CEF is provided by voluntary employee contributions through generous outright gifts as well as through payroll deductions. Here at Parkview, no patient revenue is used to fund our CEF program. For questions or more information, please contact us. Thank you to everyone who contributes. Generosity heals here at Parkview!