Bridging the Gap in Cancer Care

Parkview Cancer Institute

Transformative Cancer Care Fund (TCCF) has been created to support Parkview Cancer Institute in its efforts to create the best patient-centered experience in one place. When the $5 million endowment is fully funded it will forever be the extra step needed to wrap our arms around our patients and provide the next level of patient care. Through the generous support of donors to the TCCF, patients and their families will receive help with care not covered by insurance like nutritional supplements, genetic counseling and advice, and assistance navigating the some of the worst parts of a cancer diagnosis – finances, transportation issues, and maintaining health while battling disease.

“We are creating a culture that wraps its arms around patients and families. The Transformative Cancer Care Fund is a critical piece of this effort. Work beside us to care for cancer patients with a donation to help those with a cancer diagnosis.”
                 - Dr. Neil Sharma, President of the Parkview Cancer Institute

Donations are being accepted in two different ways:

  • TCCF NOW Fund – Donations made to this fund will help patients today.
  • TCCF FOREVER Fund – The goal is to raise at least $5 million in an endowment fund that will support care for cancer patients forever. Earnings from the fund will be spent for patient care.

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