A Day that Changed Lives

It was an emotional day on Thursday, August 22, as Kaylie Scribner, registered respiratory therapist, Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC), and Dr. Douglas Gray of Parkview Physicians Group (PPG) - Cardiovascular Surgery, were surprised and honored with a Guardian Angel distinction.

It was during a regular day shopping that Kaylie witnessed a woman, Karen Grant, go into cardiac arrest and hit her head as she collapsed onto the floor. Kaylie, without giving it a second thought, performed CPR on Karen until the ambulance arrived. Karen was then transported to PRMC where she was stabilized. However, after a series of tests, it was discovered that there was major artery blockage that would require bypass surgery. After the successful surgery, performed by Dr. Gray, Karen was sent home the following week.

Dr. Douglas Gray with Karen Grant

Tom Grant with Kaylie Scribner

It was Tom, Karen's husband, that reached out to the Parkview Foundation around the one-year anniversary, in order to find out how he could show his appreciation. He said, "We want the whole Parkview family to know how much we appreciate Kaylie’s efforts and that she has our gratitude for saving Karen’s life.”

Tom then sponsored a piece of artwork with a plaque in honor of Kaylie and also learned about the Guardian Angel program. Your donation to the Guardian Angel program through the Foundation offers an excellent opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Parkview co-workers who provide excellent care. As a donor, you may honor a physician, nurse, or other clinician. The Guardian Angel program enhances Parkview’s ability to provide excellent care for every person, every day. 

Scribner Story Group Picture

Left to right: Kaylie Scribner, Tom Grant, Karen Grant, and Dr. Douglas Gray