Paddle for Parkview LaGrange

For the safety of our community, this event has been cancelled.

Paddle for Parkview LaGrange

Sponsorship Opportunities

Host Sponsor - $2,000

Boat Sponsor - $1,500

Lunch Sponsor - $1,000

Bridge Sponsor - $750

Bus Sponsor - $500

Paddler Gift Sponsor - $500

Refreshment Boat Sponsor - $500

River Greenway Sponsor - $250

MAP Sponsor - $100

Event Details

Date: July 17, 2020 – September 25, 2020 
Venue: Virtual
Contact: Rose Fritzinger
Phone: (260) 463-9004

Register Here

With regard to the safety and well-being of our LaGrange County community members, this year’s Paddle for Parkview will no longer be held in person. Instead, Paddle for Parkview will transition virtually, and paddlers will be able to select a date to paddle at the Trading Post prior to the end of the season. You MUST register by July 10, 2020 to be able to paddle before the end of the season – September 25, 2020.

The funds raised during this year’s virtual Paddle for Parkview will continue to support our Parkview LaGrange Medication Assistance Program (MAP). Thanks to your generosity, MAP is a free service that helps uninsured or underinsured patients obtain their non-opioid medications that are essential to their well-being while providing a link between the patient, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This year, due to COVID-19, there will be no meal, snacks or t-shirts at the Paddle for Parkview. So, please plan accordingly.

While Parkview supports the safe reopening of businesses and other important community organizations, COVID-19 remains a significant concern in our region. Parkview’s first priority continues to be the health and safety of our patients, co-workers, visitors, event participants, and community members. The need to provide the best possible outcome in care and comfort is prevalent more now than ever and is only possible through your generosity. 


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We'd like to thank our 2020 sponsors:

Host Sponsor:


Boat Sponsor:




Lunch Sponsors:




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Dr. Rhonda Sharp


Bridge Sponsor:




Bus Sponsors:






Refreshment Boat Sponsor:



River Greenway Sponsors:

Allied Hospital Pathologists




Topeka Pharmacy



clinical colleagues

pizza hut


lagrange county community foundation

FW Radiology

Dr. Shelby Cooper


Map Sponsor:

LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation


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