Francine’s Friends “Lunch with Friends”

For the safety of our community, the 2020 Francine's Friends "Lunch with Friends" event has been cancelled.

When it comes to breast cancer, the best protection is early detection. The mission of Francine’s Friends is to make early detection of breast cancer available to every woman in surrounding areas by providing convenient and private 15-minute screenings to women over the age of 35, whether insured or uninsured. This mission is achieved through the Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography coach. 

Donations in support of the coach provide women in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio with:

  • Highly accessible and visible community resources
  • Proper follow-up services such as early detection, prevention, screening, and cancer management
  • Opportunity to receive mammograms regardless of the ability to pay

Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography coach was launched in 2005 after friends of Francine Schubert met to discover a way to honor Francine’s spirit and drive. Their goal was to provide an opportunity for every woman to receive mammography services, reducing breast cancer deaths through early detection. Francine’s legacy lives on through the more than 45,000 woman who have been screened through the mobile mammography coach over the past 15 years.

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