Exceed Your Goals

You hold the power to decide to stay active, eat healthy and live well. We know that’s not always easy, but with the right resources and motivation, you can achieve your wellness goals. We’re here to help – whether you want to quit smoking, get fit, eat healthy, reduce stress or just feel better.


Try Meatless Mondays

Eating meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It can also save resources such as fresh water and fossil fuel.

Pay Attention to Hidden Sodium

Seventy-five percent of foods we eat already contain sodium. Read labels and learn what your food contains. Daily intake goal is 2,400 milligrams or less of sodium per day, or 1,500 milligrams if you are over age 51, African-American or have high blood pressure.

Eat Meals Together

Children and teens that eat with their families eat in a more balanced way, have healthier bodies and do better in school. Sit down at the table, turn the TV off and enjoy each other.


Parkview LiVe is a health and wellness program aimed at improving the health of our communities.

Wellness Council of America can help your organization develop and sustain a wellness program. This site will give you tips on how to implement the program and develop unique ideas for your program.

National Wellness Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes wellness on a global level. This site offers many online resources to help develop your wellness leaders such as webinars and certifications.

National Health Information Center helps you get in touch with health professionals who can answer difficult wellness questions. 

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute helps you determine a health weight and calculate a healthy Body Mass Index.


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