Uncover your greatest strength in the new year

Once the cookies start going stale a lot of us start setting goals for the new year and thinking about who we want to be. Maybe you want to be faster. Maybe you want to be stronger. Maybe you want to meet people who share the same goals. If any of these are on your list for 2017, AWP Sports might have just want you’re looking for.

The team at AWP Sports believes that fitness is an all-encompassing term; an individual should be proficient at any physical task or demand placed in front of them, whether in the gym or in everyday life. “With this approach in mind, we implement a variety of progressive skills and exercises at varying loads and intensities,” Dillon Painter, Director of Adult Fitness said. “Rather than focusing on a singular facet of fitness, such as cardiovascular endurance or muscular strength, we train through a broad spectrum in our two primary classes, LifeFit and HIP (High Intensity Performance) Training.” 

AWP Fitness is not like a typical gym, but rather an athletic team. Their thoughtfully crafted workouts are tough, and require perseverance and endurance. The people who succeed in their programs, they find, are those willing to get outside of their comfort zones to achieve life-changing results.

Each workout, whether at LifeFit or HIP Training, is organized into a team "practice." “The team will warm-up together, practice skills and focus on developing total body strength (LifeFit) together, condition together, and cool down together,” Dillon said. “The camaraderie and energy is contagious. Whatever you can do on your own, you will do significantly better in this culture and environment. Even while you're doing the most difficult workout you think you have ever done, you are pushing through it and having fun while working out with a group of people who quickly become your friends.” 

Those who choose to take on the AWP Fitness experience can expect lifting, running, rowing, jumping, pulling, pushing and more alongside committed specialists. You will sweat, find your weaknesses, and get stronger, mentally and physically. “The community aspect of AWP Fitness is our biggest strength.” 

Various 3 month and 12 month packages are available. Small group and private lessons are also available. Call the AWP business office at (260) 469-4072 or Dillon Painter at (260) 403-1321 (dpainter@awpsportstraining.com) for more information. Classes are offered at the Parkview/SportONE Fieldhouse, The Summit Fieldhouse and will soon be available at Empowered Sports Club

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