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Last Modified: 9/08/2021

This month, we’ll be taking a closer look at the mission of the Parkview Breast Care Team as their work relates to the prevention, treatment and recovery of breast cancer cases in our community and beyond.  Today, we’re exploring what happens after that final treatment.

Survivorship is often defined as the process of living with, through, and beyond cancer and cancer treatment. Living life with a history of cancer is unique for each person. Survivorship care helps breast cancer survivors shift from illness-oriented treatment to wellness-focused care.

In some ways, moving from active treatment to survivorship is one of the most complex aspects of the cancer experience because new anxieties and fears may surface at this time, such as physical problems, emotional challenges, fertility concerns, sexual dysfunction, recurrence fears, and spiritual and financial concerns. The Breast Care Team at the Parkview Cancer Institute wants to ensure that after treatment has been completed, resources will continue to be available to assist in the journey ahead.

The Breast Survivorship Clinic is part of the cancer care team and is staffed with a survivorship-focused advanced practice provider who specializes in the care of cancer patients who have completed treatment. When visiting the clinic, you will receive a comprehensive review of your personal case, including assessment of risk factors and evaluation of wellness needs and desires.

At the conclusion of your first visit to the survivorship clinic, you will have a personalized plan for follow-up care, screening, education, and a plan to address your physical, emotional, social, financial, educational and spiritual needs. This plan may include referrals to community resources and/or other specialty services. This plan will be communicated to your entire healthcare team, including your primary healthcare provider.

In the fight against breast cancer, we’re in this together.

The Parkview Cancer Institute is a caring environment
for healing and hope. We combine a patient-centered experience with world-class technologies, groundbreaking procedures and clinical trials, and a dedicated team of specialized physicians and care providers.

Your recovery is our goal, and we will support you during every step of your journey.

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