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Spotlight on the 2016 Nightingale Award Recipients

Last Modified: 5/22/2018

The Nightingale Initiative
Florence Nightingale, a statistician, theorist and nursing leader, had a profound impact on the practice of nursing in the 19th century. The principles and practices she employed to define nursing as a profession continues to guide nurses in their practice today. Parkview created the Nightingale Initiative in 2014 as a professional development tool for all nurses to build skills in communication and developing a healing touch.

Embracing excellence in practice, Parkview nurses follow Florence Nightingale’s teachings by creating a healing environment, attending to the unique needs of the individual patient, seeking best practices and reconnecting to their nursing purpose.

Nightingale Award
As part of the Nightingale Initiative, Parkview recently gave the third-annual Nightingale Awards, linking the history of nursing to the future of caregiving. The award recognizes nurses who foster a compassionate, caring culture. The Nightingale Award was established in memory of the late Marge Carpenter, LPN – thanks to the generosity of her husband, the Rev. Doyle Carpenter. Marge was described by her Parkview co-workers as, “An innovative woman who had a strong work ethic, consistently exceeded the expectations of patients and families, and served as a mentor to younger nurses. Her dedication manifested daily through her work ethic, quality improvements, reliability and perseverance. She was a servant leader at work, in the community and at home.” This award seeks not only to remember Marge, but also to honor nurses who embody the qualities she exhibited daily.

2016 Nightingale Award Recipients
As servant leaders, these six nurses provide compassionate and holistic care. They are innovative and mentor others in ways to provide care in a team environment. They consistently exceed patient and family expectations. Additionally, they are respected by co-workers for their work ethic and their dedication to quality improvements, reliability and perseverance.

Abby Orlowski, BSN, RN, Medical 7, Parkview Regional Medical Center

A co-worker of Abby’s shared an appreciation for her compassion and empathy:

“Abby has the best bedside manner – it is not fake or forced – it is merely an extension of the amazing, kind-hearted person that she is.”

Another co-worker of Abby’s shared:

“Abby is genuine and truly gives of herself each day she is here.”

Abby’s manager, Carma Shoemaker, said:

“Abby is selfless in her practice with her patients as well as her co-workers. Not only that, she does her job with joy that affects all. Abby truly loves her patients. You hear it in her voice, the tone she uses, the words she says, the tears and laughter that she shares with her patients. It is a privilege to have been a small part of the start of Abby’s incredible career in nursing.”  


Becky Sickafoose, RN, nurse leader, Emergency Care, Parkview Noble Hospital

Becky has been with Parkview for 34 years, beginning her career at Parkview School of Nursing.

A co-worker shared:  

“Becky’s experience and knowledge have made her a valuable and respected member of our care team.”

Becky’s manager, Maureen Woodcox shared:

“Becky always develops a rapport with her patients, communicates well and displays professionalism and confidence that puts her patients at ease. She is a natural at being a Parkview nurse leader. There is nothing that Becky would ask someone to do that she would not pitch in and do herself, and there’s no job too small or too big for Becky to tackle. Her dedication to Parkview and her profession is unquestionable.”


Josh Fullenkamp, BSN, RN, CMRN, nurse leader, 6 Medical, Parkview Regional Medical Center

One of Josh’s co-workers shared:

“Josh is the nurse I aspire to be when I graduate from nursing school. He treats each person as if they are a family member. His kind nature carries over to his position as a nurse leader. Josh always helps co-workers and is there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. I can only hope to be half as good of a nurse as Josh one day!”

A Parkview co-worker who was Josh’s former patient shared:

“I don’t know Josh personally, but as a patient of his four years ago, he’s still the one I think of when it comes to excellence in nursing! Josh took time to talk to me, ask me about my life and talk about other things besides my health. I hope to never be hospitalized again, but if I am, I want to be on Josh’s floor!”

Josh’s manager, Christina Lung, shared:

“Josh embodies the spirit of Nightingale consistently in his work as both a clinical nurse and a nurse leader on 6 Medical. He always comes to work with a smile and leads by example, always choosing to do what is right for our patients and team.”


Leah Jagger, RN, PPG – Family Medicine, Pierceton

Leah’s manager, Ellen Jagger shared:

“Leah is a born teacher. Whether with her patients or her PPG team, Leah is always willing to give. Her compassion and energetic spirit are evident in all she does.”

A co-worker of Leah’s shared:

“Leah always plans something fun for the office or has words of encouragement to keep our team focused and excited for a new day. Leah is trustworthy and always willing to take the time necessary to help wherever there is a need. She is very passionate, caring and hard working. With over 20 years of nursing experience, Leah continues to expand her understanding of new practices and serves as an excellent teacher and resource for our team.”


Mary Wilson, RN, Medical/Surgical, Parkview Huntington Hospital

Mary’s co-worker shared:

“Mary is the hardest working nurse I know and is the definition of a servant leader. Whether as a patient, family member or co-worker of Mary’s, you can hear the genuine love and care in Mary’s voice.”

Doug Selig, Vice President of Patient Care Services at Parkview Huntington Hospital, shared:

“As a 36-year RN at PHH, Mary has always exemplified the spirit of the Nightingale nurse. Hardly a day goes by without Mary receiving patient accolades!”

Mary wanted to recognize her peers while receiving this award as she says it takes the whole team to provide excellent care daily. She truly loves her patients and has a passion to make a difference for every person, every day!


Sandy Carnahan, RN, nurse leader, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Parkview Regional Medical Center

One of Sandy’s co-workers said:

“Sandy absolutely loves being a nurse and it is reflected in her work. She is one of Medical ICU’s most experienced charge nurses, with 20 years of experience, and always arrives to work eager and joyful. Sandy’s infectious joy is comparable to a ‘hallelujah’ on a Sunday morning.”

Sandy’s manager, Mary Cochran shared:

“The Medical ICU is one of the more difficult and painful places in our hospital, requiring an amazing combination of skill and heart. Sandy is confident, compassionate and possesses incredible problem solving skills. We are so proud and honored to work with such an exemplary nurse.”

Another co-worker shared:

“Sandy has a heart of gold and would never expect anything in return for her many contributions. She has touched not only my heart, but many others in our nursing unit.”


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