Spotlight on: 2018 Nightingale Award winners

The Nightingale Initiative

Florence Nightingale, a statistician, theorist and nursing leader, had a profound impact on the practice of nursing in the 19th century. The principles and practices she employed to define nursing as a profession continues to guide nurses in their practice today. Parkview created the Nightingale Initiative in 2014 as a professional development tool for all nurses to build skills in communication and developing a healing touch.

Embracing excellence in practice, Parkview nurses follow Florence Nightingale’s teachings by creating a healing environment, attending to the unique needs of the individual patient, seeking best practices and reconnecting to their nursing purpose.

Nightingale Award

As part of the Nightingale Initiative, Parkview recently gave the fourth-annual Nightingale Awards, linking the history of nursing to the future of caregiving. The award recognizes nurses who foster a compassionate, caring culture. The Nightingale Award was established in memory of the late Marge Carpenter, LPN – thanks to the generosity of her husband, the Rev. Doyle Carpenter. Marge was described by her Parkview co-workers as, “An innovative woman who had a strong work ethic, consistently exceeded the expectations of patients and families, and served as a mentor to younger nurses. Her dedication manifested daily through her work ethic, quality improvements, reliability and perseverance. She was a servant leader at work, in the community and at home.” This award seeks not only to remember Marge, but also to honor nurses who embody the qualities she exhibited daily.

2018 Nightingale Award Recipients

As servant leaders, these nurses provide compassionate and holistic care. They are innovative and mentor others in ways to provide care in a team environment. They consistently exceed patient and family expectations. Additionally, they are respected by co-workers for their work ethic and their dedication to quality improvements, reliability and perseverance.

Charlotte Hanley, BSN, RN-BC
nurse leader, BridgeWays, Parkview Behavioral Health

“Charlotte is a proven leader, great nurse and is committed to providing compassionate care that exceeds her patients’ and their families’ expectations. She operates with integrity, consistency and the utmost respect for each person, no matter their background. It does not matter who she comes into contact with, she treats everyone with respect and dignity.

She never misses a moment to educate and stand up for what she believes in. She keeps everyone motivated and encouraged to do their best. She is a wonderful mentor and preceptor and continues to find ways to increase her own knowledge so that she stays proficient with both these roles.” – Rhonda Jones, MSN, RN-BC, nursing services manager, BridgeWays, Parkview Behavioral Health

Nominated by: Rhonda Jones, Charlotte’s manager

Christine Howell, BSN, RN
Community Nursing, Parkview Health

“Christine is a true example of ‘exemplar’ with her nursing skills. Like Florence Nightingale, she is the founder and face of Parkview Health at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, as she navigates new territory, unafraid and creative. Chris shaped the nursing profession for Parkview in the homeless shelter, using evidence-based tactics to reach profound outcomes.

Chris is detail-oriented and assesses each situation from all angles as she gives her best with each situation that comes at her on a daily basis. She is truly our ‘Lady with the Lamp’ as she works tireless evening and nights giving excellent care to every homeless patient she encounters on a daily basis.” – Carmen Moore, MS RN, BSN, CLS, manager, Community Nursing, Parkview Health

Nominated by:  Amanda Hakes, co-worker

Jeanette Hontz, ASN, RN
Medical ICU, Parkview Regional Medical Center

“Jeanette is one of the most caring, compassionate and skilled ICU nurses that you will ever meet. She exemplifies what it means to be a Parkview nurse. Jeanette is always willing to teach novice nurses and is often requested to be a preceptor by the new graduate nurses. She is very active in the Critical Care Education committee and teaches ICU nurses on continuous renal replacement therapy, ABGs and proning therapy.

Jeanette serves as a charge nurse in the MICU and is the Magnet Champion representative. 

She is admired by her co-workers and never hesitates to lend a helping hand to others. Families love her warm smile, kindness and gentleness. I couldn’t think of a nurse who is more deserving of the Nightingale Award.” – Mary Jo Cochran, BSN, CCRN, nursing services manager, MICU and EICU

Nominated by: Jennifer Carnahan, coworker


Rachel Peery, BSN, RN
nurse leader, Emergency Care, Parkview Regional Medical Center

“Rachel is an exemplary nurse. She advocates for her patients, staff and department. She serves with a strong moral compass and holds others to the same standards. She inspires those around her to be better. She is a mentor to new nurses, and new nurse leaders. She is involved with process improvement and quality initiatives.

Parkview is lucky to have her as a nurse, and a leader. This award is truly deserved as she has made an impact on so many lives. Her ripple effect is far reaching. She is the definition of a Parkview nurse and a Nightingale recipient.

An evening supervisor said of Rachel, ‘You go above and beyond your daily tasks. You're always trying to find ways to take better care of patients and to streamline process improvements, even on days that it feels like things are falling apart. You take the time to make sure concerns are followed up on, regardless of how busy you are. I appreciate your attention to detail and passion for the work you do. You are a huge asset to our team. Thanks for all you do!’” – Audrey Hunnicutt, BSN, RN-CEN, nursing services manager, Emergency Care, Parkview Regional Medical Center

Nominated by Tyler Palmer, coworker



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