Poison prevention 101

According to healthychildren.org, approximately 3 million people, many under the age of 5, swallow or have contact with poisonous substances each year. Ahead of National Poison Prevention week – March 17-23 – The team of Parkview child life specialists wants to warn parents about potential hazards lurking in your cabinets and shelves. There are several steps adults can take to help prevent and treat exposure to poisons.

Smart storage

The most dangerous potential poisons found inside the home are medicines and cleaning products. It is incredibly important that these products are kept out of the reach of children. Products should always be stored in their original packages, with safety caps. If you have young children, safety latches/locks are a great investment to keep on cabinet doors, as they will automatically lock and help keep children away from dangerous products.

Medication disposal

Unused medications should always be discarded. Unused medications (pills only) may be discarded at the following three Walgreens locations in Fort Wayne, IN. There is a discard box inside the three locations by the pharmacy.

  1. 10412 Coldwater Road (intersection of Dupont & Coldwater roads)
  2. 6201 Stellhorn Road (intersection of Stellhorn & Maplecrest roads)
  3. 6202 West Jefferson Blvd (intersection of Jefferson and Getz roads)

Parkview is hosting a Spring Unwanted Medication Disposal event April 26 at Parkview Regional Medical Center. They will be accepting medications in powder, liquid and pill form, as well as inhalers and needles.


Children take things literally. Parents and caregivers should never refer to medicine as “candy” or any other popular food/drink with the child.

If you suspect your child has consumed or been in contact with a poison, you should call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 and they will direct you on what the next step should be.

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