Meet the 2020 Nightingale Award winners

Last Modified: 3/05/2021


Florence Nightingale, a statistician, theorist and nursing leader, had a profound impact on the practice of nursing in the 19th century. The principles and practices she employed to define nursing as a profession continue to guide nurses in their practice today. Parkview created the Nightingale Initiative in 2014 as a professional development tool for all nurses to build skills in communication and developing a healing touch.

Embracing excellence in practice, Parkview nurses follow Florence Nightingale’s teachings by creating a healing environment, attending to the unique needs of the individual patient, seeking best practices and reconnecting to their nursing purpose.

Nightingale Award

As part of the Nightingale Initiative, Parkview recently handed out the sixth-annual Nightingale Awards, linking the history of nursing to the future of caregiving. The award recognizes nurses who foster a compassionate, caring culture. The Nightingale Award was established in memory of the late Marge Carpenter, LPN – thanks to the generosity of her husband, the Rev. Doyle Carpenter. Marge was described by her Parkview co-workers as, “An innovative woman who had a strong work ethic, consistently exceeded the expectations of patients and families, and served as a mentor to younger nurses. Her dedication manifested daily through her work ethic, quality improvements, reliability and perseverance. She was a servant leader at work, in the community and at home.” This award seeks not only to remember Marge but also to honor nurses who embody the qualities she exhibited daily.

2020 Nightingale Award recipients

As servant leaders, these nurses provide compassionate and holistic care. They are innovative and mentor others in ways to provide care in a team environment. They consistently exceed patient and family expectations. Additionally, they are respected by co-workers for their work ethic and their dedication to quality improvements, reliability and perseverance.


Sara Cook-Crandall, RN
Nurse Navigator, Hematology Care Team
Parkview Cancer Institute

Nominated by Lisa Snider

“Sara looks at patients and families holistically, meaning she is sensitive to both their physical and mental health. Sara treats our patients as if they are her own family and pays very close attention to how they respond and what needs they may have. Our patients are often very sick by the time they see our team, whether they are on their way to hospice or recently diagnosed and starting treatment. Sara is a wealth of information and knowledge for both the patient and their loved ones and makes them feel at ease by explaining their treatment and diagnosis in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

Sara works on our Hematology team, but you will find her serving in multiple capacities. Our provider recently took on treatment for GYN-ONC patients and I asked Sara if she could assist with the transitions and she was readily available. She said, ‘Lisa, they are all of our patients. I will go wherever I am needed.’ That spoke volumes. Sara goes above and beyond to make sure that she integrates well with any team and she always has a smile on her face and our patients are blessed because of it.

Sara knows how to utilize resources and is innovative. We have a population of patients who are not in need of oncology assistance but they are still in quite a lot of pain every day, our sickle cell anemia patients. They are often seeing us to treat the sickle cell and seeing pain management to address the pain from the disease, so medication gets quite costly and sometimes they need more than they receive due to the level of pain and crisis they are in. Knowing this, Sara reached out to me to see what more could be done to provide education, cost-effective options and any other support. She researched agencies that assisted patients with sickle cell anemia and found solutions and treatment options, presented them to our provider and he was so excited with the programs that were available we now have a weekly call with a group in Indianapolis that provides us with assistance for our patients and gives them the literature they need to better deal with the disease and its effects.

Sara follows up with our patients to make sure they are staying on their treatment regimens and keeping their appointments. She is always doing a well check call to make sure nothing was missed at their visit and that we can answer any questions they may have had after leaving the visit.

Patients ask for Sara by name. She exceeds their expectations by knowing what they need before they know they need it. The patients can feel her love and compassion and we can too!

Sara is absolutely a servant leader. She often says ‘Lisa, I just want to help our patients.’ Sara looks to make things easier for them and for her team by preemptively reviewing their charts, their last visits, keeping a running calendar of what patient is on what stage of treatment, and making sure to go beyond her role as a nurse to encourage our patients and our team so that we keep our spirits up.

Sara has been a nurse for more than 20 years. She is always looking for ways to improve the patient experience and brings a zeal to the team that is much needed in the world of oncology. She is a great team motivator and really enjoys helping our patients and their families in their journey to both healing and coping.”


Rachel Bayon, BSN, RN
In-Patient Adult Services, Parkview 
Behavioral Health Institute

Nominated by Paula Bostwick

“A few years ago, Rachel identified many of our patients were homeless. She realized that if they didn’t have their basic needs met, they could never begin the journey to healing. She rallied the Parkview Behavioral Health Institute team and created homeless kits for our patients, to be given out upon discharge. Rachel recognized that our patients did not have the basics upon admission but felt it was important for them to know someone cared about them. Rachel worked with an agency in the community and they donated "ponchos" that provide protection from the weather but also convert to a small tent. As Rachel works with our patients, she determines their needs and has actually purchased items for them. She always meets the patients right where they are, in a kind, non-judgmental manner. She can be firm and set limits when needed, but the patient always knows she cares.

Rachel has been working on this unit, providing care to our patients, supporting the team and instilling the Parkview culture. She has demonstrated pure patience as she provides coaching in a gentle, caring manner.

It is well known that Rachel will do anything she can to help others and build them up. Her peers reach out to her. We have been using travel nurses to assist with filling nursing holes on our Park Center inpatient Carew unit. Rachel is at their side, providing support, guidance and care to them. One of the travel nurses shared with me, ‘Rachel is so kind and helpful. It is like she knows when I need assistance and she just steps in at the right time.’

Rachel cuts no corners with care and does not permit others to do so either. She is supportive, kind and caring, with strong critical-thinking skills. There have been times when she has been asked to assist with house supervisor duties, and she managed the clinical needs flawlessly. Because of Rachel's leadership, others want to work with her. She models behaviors she expects out of others and practices the art of nursing with her heart.

When I think of the characteristics of Florence Nightingale – honesty, integrity, compassion and humility – I know this is Rachel. Even on our toughest days, Rachel is always positive and thankful for the opportunity to serve others.”


Lori Johnston, BSN, RN
Surgical Admissions Unit, Parkview Ortho Hospital

Nominated by Penny Gorman

“Lori looks at her patients and their families as being her patients. She takes into account that she doesn't just have the person having surgery as her patient, but that the family members are an extension of her care, education and attention. She provides support to the family and the patient and everyone's emotional and physical well-being.

Communication is the heart of good teamwork and Lori understands that, with her patients and her co-workers. She assists her team members through difficult times, and arranges carry-ins or donations when people are in need. She is supportive through her words and actions.

If Lori has questions, she utilizes all resources available. She is fearless to address physicians to obtain information to understand a patient’s status or a means to care for a patient. Lori is more than willing to share her knowledge and does so with such a positive demeanor. She is a very positive person in general. She doesn't have to do it formally; she mentors many through actions.

I remember one patient and her husband, who were both deaf. An interpreter had been arranged but didn't show up. Lori jumped into high gear. She had taught herself some sign language and between the signs she knew and writing information, she was able to establish a very special bond with the couple. The patient wrote me a note and presented it to me in front of Lori. It indicated that Lori was an angel and saved them that day. They were tearful and hugging Lori. Her co-workers and I saw her compassion with great admiration.

I believe that the true soul of a person is seen through their actions and daily living. Lori doesn't make an ‘effort’ to make an impression on her patients or their families. It’s natural to her daily existence. Lori goes above and beyond in her actions and words when no one is looking. It’s in her DNA to be a very compassionate, supportive individual.”


Jaylin Miller, BSN, RN
ED, Parkview Regional Medical Center

Nominated by Kerrington Nolte

“Jaylin keeps family members updated on the latest information, asks if there is anything they need to better understand what is going on, and makes sure they are taken care of just as well as the patient. He looks to the family to better understand the patient and their background.

When I am in the ER for my shift and Jaylin is there, he is always looking for ways to help his co-workers.  He voluntarily goes above and beyond to help the other nurses and techs by picking up tasks if they are backed up, saying ‘yes’ to any requests he is capable of fulfilling and always checking to make sure they are doing okay. He is the first leap up and say, ‘I can help.’

When other nurses, the nurse lead or techs come to Jaylin with a question or concern, he becomes a critical thinker and problem solver. He wants to help. He uses his knowledge, peers or mentors to think of the best way to help, whatever the situation may be. He knows where the supplies are, how they are best used for patient care, and thinks of creative ways to treat the unpredictable cases that come into the ER.

A memory I have of Jaylin being a mentor in the ER is a time when the helicopter was airlifting a patient in and a fellow nurse of his was worried about taking a manual blood pressure. She was nervous because she had never done it in the field and it had been a few years since she had done it in nursing school. He immediately told her it was going to be okay and walked her through the process (even though she knew what to do) to calm her nerves. I remember seeing her face when she got back so lit up because she had completed it. I think Jaylin played a huge role in helping her believe in herself.

Jaylin values taking care of everyone who steps into the ER. He builds a relationship both with the patient and their family, whether they are in the ER for 30 minutes or 12 hours. I think as a nurse that is so important, and I think the patients Jaylin has helped would testify to his character as well.

One way Jaylin shows his dedication to the nursing profession is by being a mentor to me as a nursing student. When I have a question or something has happened, he talks me through it as a teacher would. He uses the knowledge that he gained in nursing school and passes it along to the next generation. Not only does he do this with me, but I have seen him help the ER techs in the same way. His work ethic is best described as ‘all or none.’ There is not a second that Jaylin is not giving his best care or work on a shift. He is a go-to friend for his fellow co-workers and is reliable beyond compare. When he says he will do something, you can walk away being sure that the task will get done.

In the ER it can be hard to provide excellent patient care because the patient usually gets discharged or sent up to a floor where another nurse will take over. The nurse-patient relationship isn't quite the same. This isn't the case for Jaylin. In the ER, he makes every patient feel as if he has been taking care of them for a week. He knows their name, he invests in their life and is always asking what he can do to make the patient more comfortable during their stay. He isn't the type of nurse who walks in, takes vitals, gives meds and leaves. He is loving, serving, intentional and relational.

Jaylin puts others before himself. At work, he is a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on and the spirit needed to make the work day a little more enjoyable. He has a heart for helping others and it shows with his willingness to put others needs above his own. Outside of work, Jaylin is an active member in his church community. He serves in the middle school youth ministry as a small group leader. His heart for helping others is so prominent. He leads the students into a deeper relationship with Christ and is there for any of their questions or needs, almost like a big brother! His energy is contagious to the other leaders and staff. I also know Jaylin outside the church and work setting and even when he's just doing daily life he serves others always.

Jaylin is deserving of this award because even though he hasn't been a nurse for 20 years, he has stepped into this profession whole heartedly. He is the light on a hard night. He is not only a reliable, smart, hard-working co-worker, but he is also a friend. He is teaching the younger generations about the profession. He has been an inspiration to me as a nursing student and I will take characteristics of what I have seen Jaylin do as a nurse with me in my career.”

Corinne Johnson, RN
Nurse Leader, OB, Parkview LaGrange Hospital

Nominated by Brittany Mounsey

“I met Corinne when I was working at Parkview Lagrange OB. She took the lead position on nights. She was a great mentor to all the nurses, a great sounding board, fair and an advocate for the nurses.

She was always ready to help with patient care. She went above and beyond to make patients comfortable and understand their birthing/laboring process as well as the postpartum process. She spent time at the bedside turning and coaching the mothers. She advocated for the patients and was involved in educating the nurses on new ways to improve the care to our patients.

Corinne has been very important to my growth as a person and as a nurse. She makes you think outside the box, makes you more conscious of how others may be perceiving things to help you reach a better understanding of a situation or conflict. She was very supportive of growing your knowledge.

I am forever grateful for having met her and the pleasure of working with her. Corinne was always willing to pitch in to help the nurses and patients, even if it was her ‘lead day’ to work on papers, chart audits and more.

She was always willing to help find answers for questions we may have related to patient care and practice. She was involved in helping educate the nurses on the unit to new policies, new procedures, and make the education work in a way that worked for us to learn.

Corinne was helpful in getting the resources and information that was lost in translation from the manager to the night shift or even the unit as a whole. She worked with other leads to get us the information we needed to do our jobs to the best ability we could and provide the best care we could to our patients' and their families.

She is great at looking at a strip, seeing an issue, and handling the stressful situation with calmness and taking action to initiate interventions. She then goes a step further and is there to explain anything to the nurse after the event to answer any questions to help them grow from the experience as well.

Corinne is a wonderful mentor. She doesn't judge a book by its cover. She gives everyone a chance. She takes the time to talk to a person, find out how they learn best and tries to allow them to get the most out of their orientation. She also helps mentor the nurses on the floor who are not on orientation. She helps them grow not only as people but as nurses.

She is there to help be a sounding board between staff. She can help you see different sides of a situation to give you greater incite and understanding. It really is a gift of hers. I find myself pondering things more before acting and trying to see things from other perspectives since I have been around her. I have really grown as a person and nurse since meeting her.

Corinne is very approachable. She makes every patient and their family feel important and like she has all the time they need to care for them, even if it is busy. She makes sure the patient understands what is going on, explains things thoroughly, and if she doesn't know something, she will ask until she has an answer for them.

Corinne is consistently striving to improve herself as a nurse and to gain knowledge. She is always going above and beyond on helping the patients. Whether it is advocating for them with the physician, spending the extra time to help them understand something, or just going above and beyond to make these special moments in their life even more personal and special.

Corinne volunteers, coming in early to help other co-workers out. She even comes in on her days off even if she can only help a few hours when there is a staffing shortage. She makes her schedule accommodating and flexible to make it easier for the staff to attend education that she is part of. She strives to improve care provided to the patients and the community.

Corrine is deserving of this award because she goes the extra mile. She continues to improve her knowledge base, whether it is by continuing her education, or just searching for answers. She is a great mentor and sounding board for other nurses. She is honest, giving, caring and fair to all. She goes the extra mile to make patients and their families have a special experience at Parkview. She has a gift for helping others realize their potential and is in their corner encouraging them to reach their full potential. She is always there to help you learn and she makes you want to strive to be the best version of yourself you can be.

Corinne is the first person I thought of when thinking of someone who would be deserving of this award. I know I am grateful for having her as a mentor in the time I worked with her, and to call her a friend. She is always there when I need someone to listen or need an opinion on how to handle something as a nurse. You could always count on her to do her job and be there when things took a turn on your shift. She was reliable and dependable. She is all around a great and wonderful person and nurse.”

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