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Getting to know the International Nurses program

Last Modified: 3/26/2020

International nurses

As the need for nurses continues to grow, it’s important to create opportunities for qualified individuals to help make a positive impact on patient care. Kelli Austin, talent acquisition, Parkview Health, takes a moment to describe the International Nursing program and why it’s an integral part of Parkview’s hiring process.

What is the International Nurses Program?

The International Nurses program provides opportunities for nurses from many geographic locations, allowing them to gain meaningful work experience in the United States.

How does the program work? 

The program is a 2-year commitment for nurses. They are brought on as full-time staff working at the bedside. After their two-year commitment has concluded, we often have permanent positions available and extend an offer to these nurses in hopes that they will stay within our organization.

Why does Parkview participate in this program?

Parkview partners with international nurses so that we can continue to meet the ever-rising bar of excellence and provide our patients with the best experience. This program also helps grow and diversify our workforce, not just in terms of volume, but in terms of experience as well. Our international nurses often come equipped with knowledge and skills from all over the world that have a positive impact on our overall patient care.

How does this program help the community and why is it beneficial?

With the cultural diversity that is found in NE Indiana and NW Ohio, it’s important to have a diverse staff to take care of all patients from all walks of life. Having nurses and staff from all over the world helps us to understand the cultural needs of our patients. This program also gives opportunities for new people and their families to experience Fort Wayne and seen as a potential place to reside long-term. 

For more information or questions regarding the program, please email us at or call 260-266-7263. 

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