Festive family fun for your holiday gatherings

While the holidays are a magical time, with loved ones gathering together, and wonder in little ones' eyes, it's also a time of stress and demand. With all the meal preparation, gift giving and hosting duties, household fun and activities often fall by the wayside. That's why we're sharing some festive ideas to keep the family entertained and connected during this special season.

Be Active

Try tai chi.

Feeling stressed? A bit like Scrooge? Take a Tai Chi timeout! The low impact exercise is great for relieving anxiety and refocusing your holiday spirit. Ask the kids to participate so everyone has a chance to enjoy a clearer mind.

Go ice skating.

Ice skating during the holidays just feels festive. It’s also a great way to get some exercise!

Take a family walk.

If the temperatures aren’t too bitter, bundle up and head outside. You can take in the pretty lights around the neighborhood, and let the cool air rejuvenate you. Try making up your own Christmas lights scavenger hunt.

Be Creative


We have some great winter coloring pages for you right here. Print them out, grab your crayons, and create a masterpiece! (Don’t worry, we have adult coloring pages too.)

Decorate gingerbread houses.

No time to make the real thing? Use graham crackers and icing as an easy way to accomplish the same fun activity. Make it a fun little competition and see how creative you can get with the decorations. 

Bake holiday sweets.

If you haven’t had enough treats, do some baking together. Try one of these low-sugar recipes courtesy of the Parkview Center for Healthy Living.

Be Playful 

Play games.

Take a look at our winter word games, or make up your own version of a Minute to Win It competition. Winter-themed charades are fun, or you can play a game of holiday Bingo.

Sing carols.

You don’t have to go door to door to sing Christmas carols (although you certainly can). Rock out in your living room with the entire family.

Read books.

Gather the family and read a holiday book together. You can even let the kids act out their favorite parts while you narrate.



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