Engaging with our communities

As northeast Indiana’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider, serving a population of more than 820,000 we reinvest our resources into services and programs that directly impact the health and well-being of people of all ages.

The Parkview Health mission and vision outlines Parkview’s commitment to improving your health and inspiring your well being. This means we put the people of our communities first.

Engaging with you

We’re also one of the region’s largest employers, with more than 10,000 employees. We care for you as if you were a part of our own family. Engaging with you, like a good neighbor would, is our highest priority. 

  • Engagement takes many forms in our communities:
  • Providing you with the best care and an excellent patient experience in all of our facilities throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio.
  • Celebrating life and health with you at community events and health screenings.
  • Connecting with you on social media.
  • Offering great places to work for our co-workers – your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Understanding the community’s health needs and supporting the work of other not-for-profits in the region through our Community Health Improvement program.

Parkview is committed to improving the health of our communities. We do this through the care we provide at our hospitals and in our physician offices, but we also encourage health and wellness throughout our communities. This video explains why we believe community engagement is important to achieving our mission and how we will continue to engage the community in the future.

Get involved

Parkview encourages our co-workers, leaders and physicians to join you in becoming involved in community activities. By embracing volunteerism and drawing upon our diverse talents, we can collectively make this a region boasting of improved health, wellness and quality of life.


We have learned, by looking beyond our walls, that social conditions such as employment, education, housing and transportation impact the health status of our communities.  With this knowledge, a new, broader concept of healthcare has evolved.

As a result, Parkview will sponsor community explorations as a way for individuals to become involved in the community and help improve the health status of those who live here.  EXPLORE connects organizations with communities at a grassroots level, puts faces to the statistics, and motivates people to act. EXPLORE is action-oriented.  Participants in EXPLORE will:

  • Hear personal stories from the source.
  • Develop linkages to organizations and people who can help create a healthier community.
  • Develop a new understanding of the dynamics of our community.

Learn more about the EXPLORE Process and the first exploration: Access to Healthy Foods.

Parkview invites community leaders and individuals to ‘EXPLORE’ - to see first-hand and to understand the root causes of issues affecting their local communities. EXPLORE is a creative and collaborative approach facilitated by team members of the Parkview Community Health Improvement Program. The process involves discussion of issues in detail and learning from individuals most affected.

The whole story

Each year, Parkview produces a “Parkview Report to the Community.” This report is distributed to the community including health providers, non-profits, business leaders and elected officials throughout the 22 counties that Parkview serves.

2017 Parkview Report to the Community

This report shares how individuals’ lives have been touched through Parkview's commitment to the community.