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Compassionate pharmaceutical care

At Parkview, we strive to provide the highest quality, talented and compassionate pharmaceutical care through a philosophy of evidence-based best practices. Join our team of over 130 pharmacists and take your career to the next level.

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In Allen County our pharmacists include: 

  • A director of corporate pharmacy 
  • an Allen County director of pharmacy 
  • 4 pharmacy managers
  • 6 pharmacy supervisors
  • 16?acute care clinical specialists 
  • 35 acute care?clinical generalists
  • 14 ambulatory clinical specialists 
  • ambulatory and inpatient medication safety pharmacists 
  • an informatics pharmacist 
  • a pharmacy clinical coordinator

Integrative inpatient practice model

We utilize an integrative inpatient practice model, where pharmacists have responsibilities for both distributive and clinical functions. This includes 20 clinical pharmacists that round on 21 multidisciplinary health care teams, Monday through Friday, with 13 of these teams rounding seven days a week.

Clinical services include collaborative rounding on various teams, inpatient pharmacokinetic dosing, nutrition support, targeted drug therapy monitoring, cardiac arrest team participation, anticoagulation dosing, culture and susceptibility monitoring, antibiotic dosing, patient-controlled analgesic dosing, medication discharge consultations and more.

Integrative pharmacy technologies

We are an early adopter of best-practices for integrated technologies, including Epic©, Pyxis® MedStations™, Pyxis® CII Safe™, Talyst’s Autopack® and Autopharm® inventory management software with vertical carousels, Smart Infusion systems, and Baxa EM 2400™ TPN compounder.?

Ambulatory pharmacy services

Ambulatory anticoagulation management has been a pharmacist-driven service at Parkview Health since 1995. Recently, ambulatory pharmacy services have undergone rapid growth. Pharmacists practice in a variety of ambulatory settings, including primary care and cardiology, with collaborative practice agreements for a number of disease states. Pharmacists are also key members of other multidisciplinary clinics, such as oncology, fall prevention clinic, post-discharge clinic, and comprehensive care clinic.?

Partnerships with universities 

The pharmacy team is actively involved in providing experiential training for Doctor of Pharmacy students from Purdue University, Butler University, Ohio Northern University, University of Toledo, Manchester University and many other?academic institutions.

Additionally, Manchester University College of Pharmacy has four?faculty members who call Parkview their main practice site.?

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