Park Center Connection / Requesting an Account

Request an Account - Getting Started

If you are a Park Center staff member and would like access to the Park Center patients’ electronic health records at Parkview, please complete the four steps below to set up an account. Through a secure connection, Parkview will receive your signed request, verify eligibility and confirm access. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Parkview IS Help Desk at (260) 266-8500.

1. Apply for an access request form

To initiate the request for access, please use the field below to provide valid e-mail address. Please utilize your Park Center email address. All requests will be emailed for approval to a pre-designated Parkview sponsor assigned to Park Center.

2. Complete the request access form

A request form will be e-mailed to your email address you provided along with the “Protected Health Information Access Agreement”. Required fields are highlighted.  This information allows Parkview Health to verify your identity for any possible future interaction and determine if you already have a Parkview Health ID.

You will need to read the “Parkview Health Information Access Agreement” in its entirety. If you agree with the terms of the agreement, you will need to electronically sign the agreement by entering your name to agree to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree, the request for access will be denied.

3. Request for Parkview sponsor approval

Next, the request will be e-mailed to the Parkview sponsor. The electronic signature of the Parkview sponsor is an acknowledgement that you are an active member of the Park Center staff and requires access to Parkview Health’s electronic health record.

4. Allow 14 days to setup the account

This process will take 14 business days. Once your account is set up, the Parkview sponsor will receive a secure e-mail with your ID and password.

5. Park Center IDs are required to be renewed once a year.

6. Parkview Health reserves the right to terminate access.

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