Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already had cancer. Should I consider genetic testing?

Genetic testing is the most beneficial, both for you and other family members, if it is performed on someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Genetic test results can provide an explanation of why you developed cancer and/or polyps, give you information about your risk to develop cancer in the future and influence your treatment or surgical plans. Results can also help family members better understand their own chances of developing cancer. Results can also give people more cancer screening options. By taking advantage of screening options, people could lower their risk of developing cancer.

Should I be worried about discrimination if I get genetic testing?

The Genetic Information Nondiscriminatory Act (GINA) makes it illegal for employers or health insurance companies to discriminate against people based on their personal genetic information. GINA does not address all situations, but Parkview’s genetic counselors can talk with you about your concerns.

Is genetic counseling covered by health insurance?

Genetic counseling is typically covered by medical insurance. A Parkview representative will check your insurance coverage prior to your appointment and contact you if there are any issues. If your insurance does not cover genetic counseling or you do not have insurance, Parkview will contact you do determine if you qualify for funding from Parkview Foundation to cover the cost of your appointment.

Is genetic testing covered by health insurance?

In many cases, health insurance will cover the costs of genetic testing when it is recommended by a physician or other health care provider; however, insurance companies can have different criteria for determining which genetic tests to cover. Most genetic testing laboratories check your insurance coverage before any tests are conducted. Parkview’s genetic counselors will discuss the possible costs and insurance coverage for your specific testing during your genetic counseling appointment. 

How do I schedule an appointment for genetic counseling?

Please call Parkview Genetic Counseling at (260) 266-9225 to schedule an appointment. A referral from your doctor is required for an appointment, but we can assist you in getting the referral.

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