Parkview Hospital Randallia now offering the state’s first robotic gait trainer for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation

Man walking with robotic assistive gear
During a training session, rehab patient Phil Reinoehl is the first to use the G-EO at Parkview Hospital Randallia, with the assistance of Diana Keller, physical therapy assistant.


FORT WAYNE, IND. – Parkview Hospital Randallia, in partnership with Reha Technology, is pleased to welcome the G-EO EvolutionTM (G-EO) to its rehabilitation services. Made possible through generous donations to the Parkview Foundation, G-EO is a robotic-assisted gait trainer used to maximize clinical outcomes for patients with neurological and orthopedic impairments resulting from a variety of conditions and injuries, including stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, amputations and traumatic conditions. The G-EO located at Parkview Hospital Randallia is the first in the state available for both inpatient and outpatient use and one of only seven nationwide. 

Physical therapists use gait training to improve a person’s ability to walk. Using G-EO, therapy sessions may be customized to meet the individual needs of the patient and each session will allow for more exercise repetitions to be completed in a shorter amount of time.

“G-EO has transformed the way we deliver rehabilitation therapy,” said Erin LaCross, interim chief operating officer and vice president of nursing, Parkview Hospital Randallia. “We’re giving our patients access to high-intensity gait training on one of the most advanced therapy devices in the world, and at the same time reducing the number of therapists required for that training, allowing us to serve more people and – most importantly – allowing many patients a quicker or improved restoration of their mobility and independence.”

Patients can use the G-EO with the assistance of just one physical therapist, compared to the several therapists often required for traditional gait training, depending on the complexity of the diagnosis. The G-EO offers four therapy modes, ranging from minimally-assisted gait simulation, such as for those who can walk independently on level ground but require help on stairs, to highly-assisted gait simulation, such as for those who cannot walk. The machine also offers stair climbing therapy.

“The G-EO is the most versatile robotic gait trainer on the market,” said Paul Abrams, executive vice president and general manager, Reha Technology. “With this device, Parkview is now uniquely positioned to help a larger population of rehab patients in Fort Wayne, in the surrounding regions and throughout the Midwest.”

“On behalf of Parkview Hospital Randallia and the Parkview Foundation, we extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to the generous donors who made the dream of this new equipment a reality for our rehab patients,” LaCross added.

A physician referral is preferred, but not required, to utilize the G-EO at Parkview Hospital Randallia. For more information, call 260-373-3202.

Click here to view video of the therapy modes offered by the G-EO EvolutionTM on the Reha Technology website. G-EO EvolutionTM is a registered trademark of Reha Technologies, Inc.