Parkview Health Athletic Training Residency earns accreditation

FORT WAYNE, IND. – APRIL 7, 2022 – The Parkview Health Athletic Training Residency has earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The program is the first in Indiana, and second in the nation, to earn accreditation in the specialty area of rehabilitation.

Residency is a critical step in career development for athletic trainers. After completing their master’s degree and certification, residents further their education and training in their chosen specialty area, gaining additional knowledge and hands-on experience.

Parkview’s 13-month clinical residency includes education and training alongside Parkview Sports Medicine physicians, physician assistants, athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports performance specialists. The program was launched in 2020 and accepts an average of three residents per year.

Currently, the Parkview Health Athletic Training Residency is one of only 11 CAATE-accredited athletic training residencies in the country. Programs can earn accreditation in one of eight specialty areas: rehabilitation, prevention and wellness, urgent and emergent care, primary care, orthopedics, behavioral health, pediatrics and performance enhancement.

“With a focus on high-quality patient care, our residency is designed to provide athletic trainers with the expertise and clinical experience they need to excel in their careers,” said Candice Dunkin, program director, Parkview Health Athletic Training Residency, and director, Parkview Sports Medicine. “We believe continuing education is crucial for the advancement of not only athletic trainers, but also the entire field of sports medicine.”

Parkview Sports Medicine provides an array of services to athletes of all ages and levels. The residency will include training at the program’s three state-of-the-art facilities, five partner universities and 27 partner high schools in the Fort Wayne area.