Parkview Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer

Anne Laborde

Anne Laborde, MBA, LAT, ATC

Assigned to: Blackhawk Christian Junior/Senior High School

Education: Liberty University for undergraduate work, Indiana Tech for graduate work

It's Personal:  "I became an athletic trainer because I love sports, how the human body works and serving people.  Little did I know that getting kids back to competition would become secondary to pouring into them as young men and women.  As fun as it is to see my kids compete, I love the conversations we have more.  I have found that I have used the word 'purpose' a lot when talking about my job the last several years.  My kids have shown me a purpose outside of myself.  One I never expected to have in a career.  Purpose can be defined as 'the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.'  Whether it's simply sitting and listening to an athlete (injured or not) or sharing my own experiences, joys, or hardships - my motivation in doing so is bigger than myself.  If I have learned it is that I never want to take for granted this time that God has allowed me to be here and the opportunities I have to live out this purpose."

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