Wellness Coaching

Center for Healthy Living

Wellness Coaching 

The Parkview Center for Healthy Living nurse navigators  are skilled in providing you with health education to assist you in achieving your wellness goals and can guide you through changes across your lifespan. Call (260) 672-6500 to make an appointment and begin your journey to wellness today.

We offer multiple resources to help you get healthy and live well. Whether you’re interested in a personalized or group approach to wellness, we’re here to serve you.

One-on-One Consultations

Your physician can refer you (or you can refer yourself) for one-on-one consultations at the Parkview Center for Healthy Living. During your appointment, with the help of qualified staff, you can:

  • Set wellness goals
  • Create strategies to help improve your health
  • Learn skills to manage stress
  • Receive education about specific health concerns
  • Get connected to additional resources



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