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Let Go of Stress

Happiness. Security. Contentment. Peace. Health. This is what we want out of life. We want to spend more time in these places of wellbeing and less in stress, worry, sick and sad.

Stress is a physical and emotional response to a situation. The situation may be positive, like a new baby or a job promotion. Or it can be negative, like a traffic jam or a conflict with your teenager. Your body actually doesn't know the difference, it just knows that something is happening and it should get ready to respond.

When the body experiences too much stress, or not enough sleep, or when you're depressed for a period of time, your health may suffer. Come join us and explore signs and symptoms that may signal an overload of stress in your life, and pick up some new ideas and learn coping skills as you journey toward well-being.


Let Go of Stress Class

Join Richard Johnson, PhD, and Jack Dyer, MD, to learn about Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and get the tools to help you let go of stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and the symptoms of many debilitating diseases. MBSR offers mind-body practices that can help you experience a greater sense of well-being, including meditation, the body scan and gentle yoga. Participants will also receive CDs for home practice and, Meditation for Beginners, a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD.

For information, or to pre-register, e-mail or call (260) 693-7106. 

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