PPG - Pain Management


Comprehensive Pain Care.

You're not really living, if you're living with pain. We're here to help you live life, pain-free.

​PPG - Pain Management and the Parkview Comprehensive Pain Center

The Parkview Comprehensive Pain Center is a multidisciplinary service treating a wide range of acute and chronic pain syndromes. The goal of the pain center is to help primary care physicians manage their patients with chronic pain and provide them with a more specialized range of options in their treatment.

Our approach is comprehensive in that we aim to treat pain and all of the symptoms and side effects that come from it. We have the ability to help patients manage chronic narcotic use, with an emphasis on tapering chronic opioid therapy over time. We are able to achieve this by the aggressive use of adjuvant medications, behavioral therapy, physical therapy and a wide array of procedures.

We want to help our patients feel better and do so as healthily as possible. We will work closely with your primary care provider to ensure that you are receiving excellent care.

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