PPG - Specialty Pediatrics


Specialized pediatric care

All kids are different. At, Parkview Physicians Group - Specialty Pediatrics we offer personalized care for the unique healthcare needs of your child.

​Parkview Physicians Group - Specialty Pediatrics

We are dedicated to providing primary and complex pediatric care. Our providers collaborate with you and your primary care physician to help care for your child's unique healthcare needs, including:

  • Failure to thrive infants

  • Jaundice

  • Premature infants – apnea monitors

  • Infants with exposure to illegal drugs in utero

  • Dermatology

  • Developmental delay – speech delay

  • Dysmorphic features – abnormal genetic syndrome suspects

  • Fetal alcohol – Downs Syndrome

  • Families that are involved with Child Protective Services

  • Behavioral problems - school failures, ADHD,ADD, ODD, kids in trouble with the law,antisocial behavior, school avoidance, PDD,autism, ausbergers

  • Respiratory illnesses - chronic/recurrent - immune deficiency suspects, childhood asthma,allergies, sinusitis

  • Neuro - cerebral palsy - kids with abnormal neurological disorders and functions - kids with vp shunts, feeding tubes, seizures

  • GI disorders, h. pylori, ibs, gerd, chronic constipation, bladder dystonia

  • Orthopedic - clubfoot, pes planas, post op infections, post trauma infections

  • Obesity - type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol,elevated insulin, cardiac hypertrophy,endocrine related diseases such as thyroid,growth hormone deficiencies

  • Anemia

  • Mentally challenged and antisocial behavior

  • Adversity to vaccinations

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