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Many of our region’s leading family doctors and specialists are now part of Parkview Physicians Group. This means that at every stage of your family’s life, top quality healthcare is here for you. With 700 providers, 45+ specialties and 150+ locations, you have access to the region’s most comprehensive community of care.

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Amy Hancher, NP

Parkview Physicians Group

Location Address
1 11123 Parkview Plaza Drive
Suite 102
Fort Wayne, IN 46845
(260) 672-6750
Indiana Wesleyan University, Fort Wayne, Ind.

What my patients are saying about me:

"Ms. Hancher shows great concern for the patient and her demeanor, presence and social skills are outstanding." 
        --Mother of 18-year-old patient

"Ms. Hancher's care and the way she took care of my son were outstanding. The way she connected with my son made him feel comfortable and he was never uneasy about her being in the room."                                     
--Mother of 13-year-old patient

"I really like Ms. Hancher's bedside manner, she is very personable.  She talks to me and my son in ways that we could understand." 
--Mother of 17-year-old patient

"Ms. Hancher has excellent listening skills and the way she involved the parent and the patient was outstanding." 
--Mother of 15-year-old patient


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