Integrative Nutrition

Integrative Medicine


Integrative Nutrition: Eating Right for Life

An 8-Week Starter Program for Weight Loss


Please join Lou Ann Binkley, RN and Nutrition Coordinator for PPG Integrative Medicine. She will provide support through weekly education and group-coached sessions that provide accountability and help you stay on-track to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Program topics covered:

1. Doing Your Carbs Right- Fill Up on Fiber
2. Dumping The Sugar-Give Your Plate Your Full Attention
3. Pump Up The Volume-Importance of Fruits and Vegetables
4. Healthy Protein to Build Strength and Endurance- Never Skip 
5. Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping- Keep It Simple
6. Eating Out without Pigging Out
7. Healthy Snacks and Beverages
8. Make Room For Fun Activities-Learning To Manage Stress


Additional helps provided include weekly food diaries, recipes, shopping lists and Dr. Ann Kulze’s book, Weigh Less for Life: 21 Key Strategies To Lasting Weight Loss, 2013.

Cost:  $225 for 8 weekly sessions to jump start your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to develop a healthier lifestyle or fine-tune nutritional habits, our 8 week starter program for weight-loss; Integrative Nutrition: Eating Right For Life Program, is designed to help you succeed.

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