Parkview Hospital Randallia


Not for profit, all for you.

Parkview Hospital Randallia is a full-service center of healthcare excellence in your neighborhood. From the Family Birthing Center to the Seniors Club, you are provided with a lifetime of quality health services. Our comfortable rooms and compassionate team of healthcare professionals is only the beginning of why our patients say Parkview Hospital Randallia feels like home.

A new look for our campus

Renovations taking place at Parkview Hospital Randallia are on schedule as crews near the completion of façade improvements to the 62-year old facility.

Window replacements on the fourth through seventh floors, the core tower, northeast and northwest elevation facing State Boulevard are complete. Floors one through three will have window replacements complete before the end of the year.  Limestone cleaning and other façade improvements will continue through the end of this year and next, which give the hospital a fresh and updated look.

The new intensive care unit (ICU) was recently doubled in size from six beds to 12 beds and is currently located on the second floor. The family birthing center (FBC) at Randallia is also expanding to include 10 labor and delivery, recovery, and postpartum rooms, in addition to three new triage rooms. Both the ICU and FBC will be located on the first floor of what will be English Tower – to be located on the southwest portion of the hospital – and are on track to be complete by mid-December.


Programs and specialties

When you need quality healthcare, you’ll find it at Parkview Hospital Randallia. With a Family Birthing Center, a full-service Emergency Department, inpatient and outpatient surgical services, the Center for Wound Healing, Parkview BridgeWays, a full spectrum of rehabilitation services, inpatient acute care, skilled nursing care and the Senior Wellness Center, the care you need is always close by. Our comfortable rooms and compassionate team of healthcare professionals are only the beginning of why Parkview Hospital Randallia feels like home. Read more about our programs and specialties.

Parkview Center for Wound Healing

If you have a chronic health condition such as diabetes, cancer or heart trouble, you may develop wounds that resist healing. That’s when an expert resource on wound care can make a big difference in your life. The Parkview Center for Wound Healing, located on the second floor, is here for you. For more information about the new Parkview Center for Wound Healing, call (260) 373-6070.

Continuing Care Center

If you need some additional care to be able to return home, our Continuing Care Center could be the place for you. The center offers skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and access to hospital services as needed, from physical, occupational and speech therapies to lab, pharmacy, respiratory and IV therapies. Emergency medical support is on campus if needed. We encourage you to join your family, friends and fellow patients for meals in the center’s dining areas, as well as other activities. Call (260) 373-6509 for more information.

Parkview BridgeWays

Parkview BridgeWays is the new home of Parkview Behavioral Health’s inpatient treatment center especially suited to the needs of older adults. Located on the third floor of Parkview Hospital Randallia, the facility provides 20 private rooms with specialized services, including 24-hour intensive inpatient treatment, equipment for patients with unique needs and secure accommodations for patients suffering from dementia.

Outpatient Infusion Center

The new Outpatient Infusion Center, located on the third floor of the hospital, serves patients who need injections and IV therapies on an outpatient basis. Whether services are needed one time or regularly, patients can access them in a quiet, comfortable area. A written order from your physician is required. For more information about the Outpatient Infusion Center, call (260) 373-4585.

Parkview Center on Aging and Health

Located on the third floor of the hospital, the Parkview Center on Aging and Health provides specialized care for you or senior family members who have fallen or worry about falling. A pre-visit phone interview will determine which expert healthcare specialists you will meet with, which may include a physical therapist, pharmacist, neuropsychologist, social worker or advanced practice nurse – all in the same visit. Our physicians will help you maintain your independence by identifying your risk of falling, treating the cause and providing education to family members who help you at home. To consult with the team at the Parkview Center on Aging and Health, contact your physician and ask for a referral today.


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