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Trying to decide where to have your baby? Listen to moms who recently gave birth at Parkview and had great things to say about it. We interviewed a variety of Parkview moms to find out what they liked about their experience. Here are just a few of their comments (more on the way!). Click on the videos to hear their stories.


India Witherspoon
Jordin, 3 weeks

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A Parkview baby herself, India chose to have both of her daughters (Jasmine, 3-1/2, and Jordin, 3 weeks) at Parkview. This time, she even got to work with the new birth planner who helped her preregister, fill out the birth certificate, plan the baby's "Family Hour," tour the facility, sign up for classes, and more. "Everything ran smoothly," says India, who was "just shocked" at the level of service she received. "I've never had service quite like I had delivering this baby. It was just really great."


Elizabeth Heiselmann
Carter, 4 months 

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Elizabeth was already a Parkview mom, having given birth to her daughter Kiley six years ago at Parkview North. But when she needed an emergency C-section for Carter, she was glad she chose Parkview all over again. "I couldn't have asked for a better staff to be here when it happened," she says. Today, Carter is a healthy 4-month-old who enjoys tummy time, rolling over, and "yelling at his toys."


Mollie Ohneck
Eva, 7-1/2 months 

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A first-time mom, Mollie appreciated all of the free classes at Parkview. "Because I had never planned on being a parent, I had never paid a whole bunch of attention to do anything really, like change a diaper or give a baby a bath! The classes were very, very helpful," she says. And when little Eva had to spend time in the NICU, Mollie was able to "room in" with her. "After I got released, I could stay up there with her -- the whole family could, actually. So that was nice."



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