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Say Hello to your Parkview Birth Planner

Every mom-to-be deserves special attention. That’s why, at Parkview, we give you something that no other area hospital offers – your very own birth planner. Someone to guide you through every step of the process. From prenatal classes to planning the special “Family Hour” after your baby is born, your Parkview birth planner coordinates everything. She’ll even help you create a customized pregnancy and delivery plan. Just think of her as your “go-to” person at Parkview. When you have a question, simply give her a call or drop her an e-mail. She’s happy to help.

One or two meetings with the birth planner are all you’ll need. She’ll help you prepare for your big day now, saving you time later when you’re admitted. Best of all, her services are free!

Your Parkview birth planner can:

  • Help you pre-register

  • Give you a tour of the Family Birthing Center

  • Create a record of your OB history

  • Get you signed up for prenatal classes

  • Create an individualized pregnancy and delivery plan

  • Tell you about amenities available

  • Serve as a contact person for all of your questions and concerns

  • Provide car seat safety education and inspection

  • Connect you with useful resources

  • Follow up with you after your baby is born

Interested? Have one of the birth planners at the Parkview Women’s & Children’s Hospital contact you. Or, call the birth planner at the Parkview hospital nearest you.

Meet our Birth Planners

Stacy Frank, RN, Birth Planner
Parkview Whitley Hospital
(260) 248-9321


Stacy Frank, RN has years of experience in OB and is passionate about educating her patients. She believes information empowers them during labor and delivery. Stacy loves birth planning because she gets to know the mothers on a more personal level, especially when she is fortunate enough to care for them during their labor, delivery and postpartum care.

Michelle Harlan, RN, Birth Planner
Parkview Noble Hospital
(260) 347-8345


A registered nurse, Michelle Harlan has been a member of the Parkview Noble Hospital Family Birthing Center team of nurses since 2008 and has been in nursing and healthcare for ten years before that. She is also serving as Parkview Noble’s Lactation Consultant and looks forward to supporting and helping Moms have a good experience with breastfeeding. Michelle, who is herself mother to her two-year-old daughter, says she is thrilled to be the Birth Planner at Parkview Noble and play a part in making the birth of each baby a special and memorable event for every family.

Angela Lehman, RN, Birth Planner
Parkview Huntington Hospital
(260) 355-3651


Birth planner and lactation consultant Angela Lehman has worked for Parkview all of her 16 years as a registered nurse. A mother of three, she understands how important it is to help mothers-to-be remain comfortable during their pregnancy and educated about their pre- and post-natal options. Angela wants to equip moms to make informed decisions that affect both mother and child positively.

Erin Norton, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Birth Planner
Parkview LaGrange Hospital
(260) 463-9300

Erin Norton has been an OB nurse for 14 years, both in inpatient and outpatient settings, and is mother to six babies of her own. She believes it is important to provide her mothers-to-be with evidence-based information so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Every family is different, and Erin enjoys providing care that involves all of the family members.

Josie Smith, RN, Birth Planner
Parkview Whitley Hospital
(260) 248-9321


Registered nurse and birth planner Josie Smith has more than 13 years’ experience in labor and delivery as well as mother/baby care. She is also a lactation consultant and a certified childbirth educator. A mother of three children, she applies her expertise to providing a caring and personalized birthing experience for expectant mothers.

Angie Russ, RN, Birth Planner
Parkview Hospital Randallia
(260) 373-6856

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