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Let Your Birth Planner     Pamper You

From prenatal classes to birthing plans, she’ll coordinate every​thing.

When you’re having a baby, there’s so much to plan and do. That’s why Parkview gives you something that no other area hospital offers — your very own birth planner - someone to guide you through every step of your journey. From tours and pre-registration to helping you plan the special “Family Hour” after your baby is born, your birth planner takes care of everything. She’ll even create a personalized pregnancy and delivery plan just for you.

Think of her as your “go-to” person at Parkview. Whenever you have a question, just give her a call or drop her an email. She’s only too happy to answer. She’ll help you prepare for your big day now, saving you time later on when you’re admitted. Best of all, her services are free!

Your Parkview birth planner can:

  • Give you a tour of the Family Birthing Center
  • Create a record of your OB history
  • Get you signed up for prenatal classes
  • Create an individualized pregnancy and delivery plan
  •  Familiarize you with all the amenities available – from 24-hour room service to free Wi-Fi
  • Serve as a contact person for all of your questions and concerns
  • Provide car seat safety education and inspection
  • Connect you with useful resources
  • Follow up with you after your baby is born

Interested? Have one of the birth planners at the Parkview Women’s & Children’s Hospital contact you. Or, call the birth planner at the Parkview hospital nearest you.

Meet our Birth Planners

Brandi Acosta, RN, BSN
Birth Planner                                                                    Parkview Women’s & Children’s Hospital                           Fort Wayne
(260) 672-4222


​As a birth planner and perinatal education program supervisor, Brandi has worked at the Parkview Family Birthing Center since 2011 and has over ten years of nursing experience. She enjoys working with families to assist them with personalizing their birthing experience. Brandi feels that it is a blessing to be a part of someone’s birth story and hopes to help make it as special as possible. As a mother of three, she knows how significant the birth of a child is and feels delighted to share in that joy.

Leslie Miller, RN, IBCLC

Birth Planner                                                                    Parkview Hospital Randallia                                              Fort Wayne                                                                     (260) 373-6856


A registered nurse with Parkview since 2012, Leslie now serves as Parkview Hospital Randallia’s birth planner and lactation consultant. She enjoys working with Parkview moms throughout their pregnancies – whether in prenatal education classes, the centering program or into the postpartum period during weekly breastfeeding support group gatherings. As a mother to three children, Leslie enjoys being the birth planner at Parkview Randallia and helping others welcome a new member into their family.

Angela Lehman, RN
Birth Planner                                                                   Parkview Huntington Hospital                                              Huntington
(260) 355-3651


Birth planner and lactation consultant Angela Lehman has worked for Parkview all of her 21 years as a registered nurse. A mother of three, she understands how important it is to help mothers-to-be remain comfortable during their pregnancy and educated about their pre- and post-natal options. Angela wants to equip moms to make informed decisions that affect both mother and child positively.

Michelle Harlan, RN                                                               Birth Planner
Parkview Noble Hospital
(260) 347-8345


A registered nurse, Michelle Harlan has been a member of the Family Birthing Center team of nurses at Parkview Noble Hospital since 2008. She also serves as Parkview Noble’s lactation consultant and has a passion of helping moms have a great experience with breastfeeding. As a mother of two, Michelle says she’s thrilled to be the birth planner at Parkview Noble and play a part in making the birth of each baby a memorable event for every family.

Laurie Nierman, RN, BSN
Birth Planner                                                                         Parkview Whitley Hospital
Columbia City
(260) 248-9321


A registered nurse, Laurie Nierman has been a member of the Family Birthing Center team of nurses at Parkview Whitley Hospital since 1992 and was in nursing and healthcare for ten years before that. She has served has Parkview Whitley's birth planner since September 2014 and enjoys helping new mothers customize their birth plan. Laurie teaches the Basic and Beyond Parenting class at the Parkview Whitley and Parkview Warsaw sites. As a mother of three daughters, Laurie takes delight in playing a role in helping to make the birthing process a positive and enriching moment for each mother and her family.

Ashli Pershing, RN, BSN, CLC
Birth Planner
Parkview Wabash Hospital
(260) 569-2308

A registered nurse, Ashli Pershing has been a member of the Parkview Family Birthing Center team of nurses since 2015. She currently serves as Parkview Wabah's hospital birth planner and lactation consultant. Ashli has a passion for obstetric and newborn care. "I will forever remember my labor nurses," says Pershing. "The compassion I was shown had such an impact on me. After having my youngest child, I completely changed my career choice and felt called to do for other women what these nurses had done for me/" Pershing's family, as well as her husband's family, are all from Wabash. Together, the couple are raising their three children, ages 5,7 and 9.

Brook Hartman, RN, CLC
Birth Planner
Parkview LaGrange Hospital
(260) 463-9300

A registered nurse in obstetrics and newborn intensive care since 1998. Brook now serves as Parkview LaGrange Hospital's birth planner and lactation consultant. She teaches prenatal education classes, including safe sleep and breastfeeding classes, while also leading a lactation support group for new moms. As a mother of two daughters, Brook knows the birth of a baby is such a wonderful experience, and feels blessed to share a part of it with the patients she serves.

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