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​Performance Training

Are you a competitive athlete who wants to perform successfully at ever-increasing levels of competition? Perhaps you’re an adult athlete who is looking to enhance your overall health through a personalized fitness program? No matter your performance and well-being goals, AWP Sports Training can help you maximize your potential and help reduce your risk of injury through specialized performance training and nutrition consultations.

Youth Training

Our youth training program offers a fun, engaging environment in which young athletes, ages 8 – 13, learn how their bodies achieve movement, and how to optimize their sport-specific movement. Participants will focus on:

  • Enhancing your athletic coordination and balance

  • Strengthening your essential muscular movement patterns

  • Improving your muscle balance and flexibility

High School Training

Our high school training program integrates high intensity training and cutting-edge workouts to help athletes achieve maximum results as they compete and progress toward their next level of athletic performance. This program is designed similarly to college-level training, providing athletes with a competitive edge. Athletes will discover how to:

  • Develop proper running and change-of-direction skills

  • Increase your core and total-body strength

  • Enhance your mobility, range of motion and joint stability

College and Professional Training

This program is a specialized, all-encompassing program that integrates weight room work, speed and agility training, and other aspects of performance. College and professional athletes will learn to:

  • Maximize your functional power

  • Increase your core strength and stability through isolation

  • Perform pre-habilitation exercises to reduce your risk of injury

Adult Fitness Training

Adult fitness training can help adult athletes enhance their health and well-being through proper fitness training and nutrition. Participants can:

  • Schedule a medical assessment with a physical therapist

  • Schedule a consultation with a registered dietitian

  • Improve your balance, flexibility and overall health through fitness training

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