Biomechanical Assessments

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​Biomechanical Assessments

Parkview Sports Medicine is redefining sports performance and injury prevention through innovative biomechanical assessments – a tool that evaluates how well your body achieves movement. During these assessments, our physical therapists use video analysis to identify deficiencies in movement and provide recommendations for improvement.


No matter your sport or athletic aspirations, biomechanical assessments can help you enhance your sports-specific skills and endurance while reducing your risk of injury.

Specifically, you can:

  • Perfect the movements required for your sport-specific skills (throwing, jumping, running, hitting, kicking  or cutting)

  • Correct movements that are different between the right and left sides of your body, or between muscles that work in opposition to each other Ike your hamstrings and quadriceps

  • Strengthen muscles around a joint that are weaker, or loosen muscles that are less flexible, on one side of the joint than the other

  • Retrain muscles that perform poorly due to improper habit or posture

  • Identify and reduce tightness in a joint that results in limited motion

Watch Video

Bryan Bourcier, physical therapist, Parkview Athletic Rehabilitation, provides insight into the biomechanics of running. He explains the importance of optimizing movement to prevent injury, as well as how biomechanical assessments can benefit any runner, at any age.

Watch Video

Parkview Sports Medicine’s team of experts provides insight into the biomechanics of pitching for baseball and softball. They explain why the proper technique is important for your performance, and they explore how proper mechanics can help prevent injury.

Watch Video

Maren Parent, physical therapist, Parkview Athletic Rehabilitation, provides insight into the biomechanics of the female athlete. She explains how females’ wider hip base affects glute and hip stability, and she discusses common injuries among female athletes.


You may now self-refer to receive biomechanical assessments. A physician referral is not necessary. Your physical therapist will keep your primary care physician informed of any deficiencies that may be discovered in your session.

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