StrokeCareNow Network


​StrokeCareNow Network

To shorten the time between a patient’s arrival at a hospital and the administration of measures to stop the stroke, Parkview and Fort Wayne Neurological Center spearheaded the creation of the StrokeCareNow Network, which was born in partnership with Lutheran Hospital early in 2009.

StrokeCareNow Network is an alliance of 24 hospitals using telemedicine to deliver faster diagnosis and treatment for patients with stroke or vascular diseases of the brain. Each hospital in the network receives a telemedicine “robot” developed by Parkview Health Information Technology specialists. Using the unit’s high-quality, two-way video and audio system, the attending physician at a community hospital can examine the patient on site and consult instantaneously with Fort Wayne neurologists. 

Because physicians in both locations can view and assess the patient and talk in real-time, they can make lifesaving treatment decisions together in minutes. If the patient needs to be transferred to the Parkview Stanley Wissman Stroke Center or another facility, the transfer is set in motion immediately, minimizing the time from assessment to treatment.

Find the hospital nearest you that participates in the StrokeCareNow Network.

Generally, patients who have had a stroke have a window of only three hours from the time symptoms begin in which they can receive tPA (a clot-busting medication) to prevent drastic neurological impairments. One of every five patients with ischemic stroke (21 percent) evaluated through the network in 2012 received tPA, compared to only six to seven percent of stroke patients nationally – evidence of the enhanced level of care available to patients in the northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio and southern Michigan.

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