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Children's Health

Expert care for your child

Parkview Children’s Emergency Care in Parkview Regional Medical Center is a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center available 24/7 to provide emergency care for your child. The emergency department is staffed with board-certified emergency care physicians and nurses who are trained and experienced in emergency care.

  • If you transport your child to the hospital, pull up to Entrance 14 and walk in the doors.
    Printable campus map.

  • First you will check in at the counter.

  • Depending on the severity of your situation, you may be directed to a kid-friendly waiting area.

  • Then you will be directed to a child’s room to complete the registration process and be seen by a registered nurse who will get information about your child’s health. The nurse will also take your child’s blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and temperature.

  • Next, you will go to an exam area, where doctors, nurses and other clinicians will care for your child.

  • Lab draws, imaging and other tests may be ordered while in the exam room, and you may wait for the results so the doctor can determine a course of action. We are the region’s only hospital to have child life specialists staffing our emergency department. They can help distract your child during procedures with age-appropriate activities or give you ideas to help you communicate with your child.

  • Sometimes a child will need to be monitored for a few hours. Some children may be admitted to our pediatrics unit or Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit, while others may be discharged.

  • If a child is admitted, a room may not be immediately available. Staff will keep you informed of any delays.

  • If admitted, one parent may stay overnight with your child. Your nurse can provide information about accommodations.

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