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The Parkview Children’s Specialty Clinic is an outpatient clinic dedicated to the care of children who have been referred by their physicians, most likely their pediatricians. Because it is scary when you have a sick child and it can leave you emotionally drained, we want to make the healthcare system easier for you to navigate.

Before we continue, a pediatrician is a physician who specializes in the care of children. Pediatric specialty physicians are physicians who chose to subspecialize in a particular area, with additional education.

In most cases your physician’s office can arrange an appointment for you to visit a specialist. You don’t even have to make the phone call. You just have to mark the appointment on your calendar. The specialist’s office will confirm your appointment by phone a day or two before your appointment.

Many specialists see patients in the Parkview Children’s Specialty Clinic, so that means you don’t have to travel long distances to receive access to quality, expert care. If your physician starts talking to you about your child seeing a specialist and he hasn’t mentioned the option of seeing someone locally, ask him if a specialist is available at the Children’s Specialty Clinic.

The specialist may require lab work before or after your appointment. Lab work can be completed in the Parkview Children’s Specialty Clinic, as it has a draw site with a full-time pediatric phlebotomist. It will be your responsibility to make sure the labs are drawn, and the lab will report the results to your specialist.

As the parent of a sick child, you may be nervous if your physician refers your child to a specialist. When your physician refers you to a specialist, he is recommending you to someone whose medical opinion he respects and feels is most qualified to diagnose your child’s specific condition.  The specialist will then share that information with your primary care physician.

Physician specialists and Parkview staff dedicate themselves to the special needs of your child.

You have direct access to numerous specialty physicians at Parkview, so your child can receive the care he needs a little closer to home.


Children’s Specialty Clinic

Parkview Regional Medical Center Campus
Entrance 2A
1115 Parkview Plaza Drive
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46845

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