Mental Health First Aid

Behavioral Health

​Mental Health First Aid

Just as CPR can save someone who is having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid can help someone experiencing a mental well-being related crisis. Through this class, participants can learn to identify, understand and respond to signs of a mental well-being crisis and addiction.

Specific topics include:

  • Risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems

  • Information on depression, anxiety, trauma, mood and addiction disorders

  • A five-step action plan to help someone experiencing a mental well-being crisis

  • Local mental well-being resources and where to turn for help


Visit our Community Events Calendar and search for the “Let Go of Stress” listings for additional information about dates, times, locations, registration and more. Or, call the Help Line at (260) 373-7500 or (800) 282-8439, anytime 24 hours a day.


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