Let Go of Stress Class

Behavioral Health

Let Go of Stress

Mental health is an important part of your well-being, and practicing stress reduction techniques can enhance your overall health. That’s why we offer Let Go of Stress, an interactive eight-week course focused on mindfulness-based stress reduction. Participants will learn to let go of:

You can also discover mind-body practices that can help you experience a greater sense of well-being, including medication, the body scan and gentle yoga. You’ll also receive CDs for home practice and “Mindfulness for Beginners,” a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD.

Let Go of Stress includes eight 2.5-hour classes and a day-long retreat. The first class is a free orientation to the course.


Tuition is based on a sliding scale of $200 to $400. A 10 percent discount will be given to those who pay in full at the first class. Bring a partner or friend, and you each will receive an additional $25 discount.


Visit our Community Events Calendar and search for the “Let Go of Stress” listings for additional information about dates, times, locations, registration and more. Or, call the Help Line at (260) 373-7500 or (800) 282-8439, anytime 24 hours a day.


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