Kickin Asthma

Asthma Management

​Kickin’ Asthma

Kickin' Asthma is an asthma management program for students in grades 6 – 10. The American Lung Association developed this program to help adolescents learn about, and practice, self-management skills to control their asthma so they can live a healthy, active life.

Registered respiratory therapists and registered nurses from the Parkview Community Health Improvement program help facilitate the Kickin’ Asthma program in many northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio classrooms. This program consists of four weekly, two-hour sessions.

Throughout the program, students receive the information and tools they need to better manage their asthma and symptoms. Additional topics include:

  • Understanding asthma and breathing

  • Early-warning signs of an asthma episode

  • Recognizing and controlling triggers

  • Asthma control medicines and delivery devices


There is no cost. Kickin’ Asthma is brought to you as a community service of Parkview Hospital Randallia.

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For more information, or to schedule a presentation, call (877) 774-8632 or (260) 373-7540.


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