A is for Asthma

Asthma Management

A is for Asthma

Asthma causes more lost school days than any other long-term childhood illness, and it’s the leading cause for hospital admission among children. However, children can stay well and lead fun, active lives if they have help learning about asthma.

A is for Asthma is a nationally recognized program that teaches children in kindergarten, first grade and second grade about asthma and its symptoms. It also soothes children’s fears and misconceptions about asthma by reinforcing information in a calm, supportive manner.

Registered respiratory therapists and registered nurses from the Parkview Community Health Improvement program facilitate A is for Asthma presentations in many northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio classrooms. Each presentation is 40 minutes, and it includes classroom discussion and a short video.

The video features important messages about asthma, including:

  • Everyone breathes, even when they’re not thinking about it

  • People who have asthma sometimes have trouble breathing

  • Children with asthma can run and play like everyone else, as long as they take their medicine and have regular checkups

  • Children who don’t have asthma can help friends who do


There is no cost. A is for Asthma is brought to you as a community service of Parkview Hospital Randallia.

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For more information, or to schedule a presentation, call (877) 774-8632 or (260) 373-7540.

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