Getting an inside look

Endoscopies provide an inside look at tissues and organs to determine their condition or treat specific problems. If your physician recommends you have an endoscopic procedure, you’ll be glad to know that Parkview’s experienced surgeons and specialists and well-equipped facilities are prepared to meet your needs.

​Endoscopy is a broad term used to describe a minimally invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedure in which an endoscope is used. An endoscope is a slender, tubular optical instrument that enables a physician to view and/or photograph the internal organs or their interiors, take tissue samples for biopsy, or perform surgery.

There are many types of endoscopy. The name of the procedure varies depending on the portion of the body being examined.

Some common endoscopic procedures performed by Parkview physicians, and the body parts involved, are:

  • Laparoscopy – abdominal or pelvic cavity

  • Colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy – colon/large intestine

  • Enteroscopy – small intestine

  • Bronchoscopy – lower respiratory tract

  • Rhinoscopy – nose

  • Otoscopy – ear

  • Cystoscopy – urinary tract

  • Gynoscopy – female reproductive tract

  • Arthroscopy – interior of a joint

Usually, during an endoscopic procedure, the patient is at least partially sedated to prevent awareness of any possible discomfort.

Endoscopic procedures – including those for gastrointestinal tract issues – are performed at all Parkview hospitals and related specialty centers.

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