Community Connect


One patient. One story.

One easy way to streamline patient records.

The Community Connect Advantage

for Independent Physicians and Hospitals

Parkview Community Connect allows independent physicians and hospitals to tap into the same electronic health record system that Parkview facilities use. It can revolutionize the way patient data is assessed – creating one complete story of care that's instantly available to the entire healthcare team.

Parkview Community Connect, an internet-delivered system, securely connects you into the very same EpicCare system recently implemented in all Parkview hospitals and physicians' offices. It's designed to help eliminate paperwork, increase efficiency, improve your quality of care and much more.

With Parkview Community Connect, physicians can now access patient data inside their medical practice, at home, or in a hospital. This secure ambulatory and acute care product is designed specifically for the busy private practice physician or community hospital. While you remain independent, you can access many of the benefits of a large healthcare institution, such as clinical integration, care coordination and group purchasing.

Parkview Community Connect. It's a proven system at a surprisingly afforable price. To learn how it can start working for you, email us at, or call (260) 266-8510.

The benefits of being connected

With Parkview Community Connect, you'll receive a suite of integrated software modules created by Epic Systems, creator of the #1 Overall Healthcare Software Suite in 2011 and 2012.

Benefits of the system include:

Time savings

Now you can access and review health data for patients seen anywhere within the network of Parkview Epic users, without the need to reenter information. Access to ancillary data Many of your laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and other data interfaces are already in place and available to you.

Greater patient satisfaction and retention

Share information with your patients, involving them in their care and improving retention.

Better continuity and quality of care

Follow your patients' progress in the hospital and specialty clinics.

Reduced costs

Reduce costs for sharing results and transcription; avoid duplicate non-reimbursable tests.

Meet Meaningful Use standards

Achieve stimulus payment requirements.

Easy referral process

The referral process is simplified because the data is already in the system.

Eliminate paperwork

Free up storage space and reduce costs by eliminating paper records.

National network

Join a nationwide network of some of healthcare's most prominent healthcare institutions - one that covers 42% of the U.S. population and is used by approximately 250,000 physicians. 

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MyChart is a secure and confidential web-based system that allows patients to communicate with their Parkview Physicians Group (PPG) or independent doctor's office and access many of their healthcare records from any place with an internet connection.

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