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New tele-cardiology platform gives patients at Parkview Huntington Hospital convenient access to cardiologists at the Parkview Heart Institute

FORT WAYNE, IND. (December 29, 2016)The Parkview Heart Institute (PHI), in partnership with Parkview Physicians Group – Cardiology, Parkview Huntington Hospital (PHH) and Professional Emergency Physicians, has introduced a new way to deliver care to cardiology patients. The first of its kind in northeast Indiana, the tele-cardiology platform allows admitted patients to meet via video from PHH with a cardiologist at PHI, creating a higher level of cardiology care in Huntington and reducing transfers to Parkview Regional Medical Center.  ​ 

“This innovative approach allows us to offer the same expert care and consultation a patient would receive at PHI, from the convenience of their local hospital,” said Michael GeRue, chief operating officer, Parkview Heart Institute. “Tele-cardiology is just one of the ways Parkview is advancing the way we deliver specialty care. It’s transformative platforms like this that create greater access for patients and result in a healthier community.”

When a patient with non-urgent, cardiac-related symptoms is admitted to PHH and an on-site cardiologist is not available within four hours, a tele-cardiology visit is scheduled. Consultation and examination is completed using a video camera, monitor and digital stethoscope, which is positioned on the patient by a nurse. The cardiologist talks directly to the patient via video, utilizing the digital stethoscope to hear the patient’s heart and lungs and reviewing all testing that has been performed via the patient’s electronic health record. After the consultation, the cardiologist may place orders, prescribe medications or provide recommendations to the attending physician regarding further diagnostic testing and follow-up outpatient care at PHH. 

“The patient is at the physician’s fingertips, just like if they were in an exam room,” said Roy Robertson, MD, president, Parkview Heart Institute, and interventional cardiologist, Parkview Physicians Group – Cardiology. “Our feedback on the platform thus far has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to evaluating the use of this program throughout Parkview’s four other community hospitals, giving even more patients access to convenient cardiology care.”

 Tele-cardiology is an extension of the consultative cardiology care PHI has offered for many years. All cardiologists from Parkview Physicians Group – Cardiology may be available via tele-cardiology for their patients seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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