Pharmacy Leadership and Preceptors

Working at Parkview

Pharmacy Leadership

Chris Jellison, BSPharm, MBAChris Jellison, BSPharm, MBA
Director of Corporate Pharmacy


Education: BSPharm Purdue University
MBA Indiana Wesleyan University, 2013


Ed Strubel III, PharmD 
Director of Pharmacy, Allen County

Education: PharmD — Purdue University

Tara Jellison, PharmD, MBA, FASHPTara Jellison, PharmD, MBA, FASHP
Manager of Ambulatory Clinical Services, Residency Program Director


Rotation: Administration

Education: PharmD – Purdue University, 1997; MBA – Indiana Wesleyan University, 2013

Training: PGY1 University of Michigan, 1998; PGY2 Infectious Diseases Detroit Receiving Hospital & Medical Center, 1999

Heather Kountouris, PharmD
​Manager of Distribution Services


Education: PharmD — Purdue University, 1999

Sean Hoos, PharmD, BCPS

Manager of Randallia Operations


Education: PharmD — Purdue University, 2009

Micha Ayers, BSPharm
Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor


Education: BSPharm — Purdue University, 1996

Abby Todt, PharmD, BCPSAbby Todt, PharmD, BCPS
Manager of Inpatient Clinical Services


Rotations: Orientation, Service, Practice Management 

Education: PharmD – University of Toledo, 2010

Training: PGY1 Parkview Health, 2011

Sarah Pehlke, PharmD
Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator, Residency Program Coordinator


Rotations: Orientation, Practice Management, Service

Education: BS Chemistry — Hillsdale College, 2004; PharmD — The Ohio State University, 2009

Training: OGY1 Parkview Health, 2010



Robert Beckett, PharmD, BCPSRobert Beckett, PharmD, BCPS
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Manchester University College of Pharmacy


Rotation: Drug Information

Education: PharmD Purdue University, 2009

Training: PGY1 Rush University Medical Center, 2010
PGY2 Drug Information, Indiana University Health, 2011

Practice/Research Interests: Provision of drug information; drug literature evaluation and practice of evidence-based medicine; didactic and experiential education; and issues in medical publishing


Tracy Brooks, PharmD, BCPSTracy Brooks, PharmD, BCPS
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Palliative Care/Hospice Medicine, Manchester University College of Pharmacy


Rotation: Pain and Palliative Care

Education: PharmD – Purdue University

Practice/Research Interests: Palliative and hospice medicine ; and inter-professional education


Jamie Gaul, PharmD, BCPSJamie Drees, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Generalist
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Adult Internal Medicine/Surgery

Education: Ohio Northern University, 2011

Training: PGY1 University of Toledo Medical Center, 2012

Practice/Research Interests: Internal medicine, cardiology, geriatrics, health outcomes/population health


Karen Dunkelberger, BSPharm, CPPS
Medication Safety Pharmacist
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Medication Safety

Education: BSPharm – Purdue University, 1984; MSHI – University of Illinois at Chicago, 2017

Practice/Research Interests: Medication safety; information systems; adverse drug event detection and mitigation; and regulatory


John Elsasser, PharmD, BCPS, BCOPJohn Elsasser, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Inpatien Oncology
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Inpatient Oncology

Education: BS Pharm — University of Toledo; PharmD – Purdue University, 1995

Practice/Research Interests: Supportive care, chemotherapy regimens

Kris Howard, PharmD, BCPS

Jennifer Henriksen, PharmD               Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs​       Manchester University College of Pharmacy​


Rotation: Academia

Education: PharmD – Purdue University, 2006

Training: PGY1 St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center/Northeastern University in Boston, 2007

Practice/Research Interests: Scholarship of teaching and learning with focus in laboratory and integrative medicine (including health improvement)


Kris Howard, PharmD, BCPSKris Howard, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Cardiology
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Cardiology & Coronary Intensive Care Unit

Education: PharmD – West Virginia University, 2001

Training: PGY1 Parkview Health, 2002

Practice/Research Interests: Chronic heart failure management, coronary heart disease, electronic medical record pharmacy documentation


Timothy Johnston, PharmD, CBIS, BCPS, BCCCPTimothy Johnston, PharmD, CBIS, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Internal Medicine & Neuroscience
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Adult Internal Medicine/Surgery, Neurology

Education: BS Pharm – Butler University, 1992; PharmD – Purdue University, 1995

Training: PGY1 Parkview Health, 1996

Practice/Research Interests: Stroke care, collaborative team rounding


Luke Keller, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCPLuke Keller, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Generalist
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Adult Internal Medicine/Surgery

Education: PharmD – Ohio Northern University, 2008

Training: PGY1 St. Rita’s Medical Center, 2009

Practice/Research Interests: Internal medicine, critical care, anticoagulation


Andrea Maisonneuve, BSPharm, MBA
Research Clinical Operations Manager


Rotation: Clinical Trial Management

Education: BSPharm — Butler University, 1990; MBA —Indiana Wesleyan University, 2008

Practice/Research Interests: Research with focus on cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, psychiatry and informatics

Ashley Parrott, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCACP
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Anticoagulation
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: PharmD — The Universitiy of Toledo, 2011; MBA —University of Toledo, 2011

Training: PGY1 ProMedica Toledo Hospital (Family Medicine)

Education: PharmD — University of Toledo, 2011; MBA — University of Toledo, 2011

Practice/Research Interests: Ambulatory care (primary care), evidence-based medicine, trainsitions of care, sustainable business models

Sarah Pfaehler, PharmD, MBA, BCPS

Clinical Integration Pharmacy Specialist
Parkview Health


Rotation: Population Health

Education: PharmD — The University of Louisiana at Monroe, 2004; MBA — Indiana Wesleyan University, 2013

Training: PGY1 Parkview Health, 2005

Practice/Research Interests: Outcomes management, practice-based research, anticoagulation, wellness

Sean Reilly, PharmD, BCOP
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Hematology/Oncology
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Ambulatory Oncology

Education: BSPharm — University of New Mexico, Albequerque, 1994; PharmD — University of Texas in Austin, 2002

Practice/Research Interests: Malignant hematology, specifically acute leukemias


Jim Roy, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCPJim Roy, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Surgical/Trauma/Cardiovascular Intensive Care
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Surgical/Trauma/Cardiovascular Intensive Care

Education: BS Pharm – Purdue University  ; PharmD – Purdue University, 1995

Practice/Research Interests: Neuroendovascular pharmacotherapy and brain injured patients, sodium abnormalities in post-surgical and brain injured patients

Kris Howard, PharmD, BCPS

Sarah Shields, PharmD                       Clinical Pharmacy Specialist,   Informatics


Rotation: Clinical Informatics

Education: PharmD – Purdue University, 2014

Training:  PGY1 Kosair Children’s Hospital, 2015; PGY2 Medication-Use Safety Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2016

Practice/Research Interests: Data analysis, Medication Safety, Process improvement, Pediatrics

Kris Howard, PharmD, BCPS

Sarah Sienko, PharmD                         Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Emergency Medicine


Rotation: Emergency Department

Education: PharmD – Purdue University, 2014

Training:  PGY1 Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak, 2015; PGY2 Critical Care Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak, 2016

Practice/Research Interests: Trauma-related coagulopathies, anticoagulation reversal, burns, traumatic brain injury, infectious diseases​

Nathan Stuckey, PharmD, BCPSNathan Stuckey, PharmD, BCPS

​Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist – Director of Clinical Pharmacy

Fort Wayne Medical Education Program


Rotation: Family Practice 

Education: PharmD – Purdue University, 2003

Practice/Research Interests: Diabetes mellitus, chronic disease management, quality improvement and interprofessional collaboration/education


Michele Swihart, PharmD, BCPS AQ-IDMichele Swihart, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Infectious Diseases
Parkview Regional Medical Center


Rotation: Infectious Diseases – Focused & Longitudinal

Education: PharmD – Purdue University, 2010

Training: PGY1 Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, 2011, PGY2 Infectious Diseases Rush University Medical Center and Midwestern University, 2012

Practice/Research Interests: Antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship, pharmacy education


Michael Todt, PharmD, BCCCPMichael Todt, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacy Generalist
Parkview Regional Medical Center
Rotation: Medical Intensive Care Unit
Education: B.S. Biology – Indiana University, 2002
PharmD – Purdue University, 2006
Training: PGY1 Parkview Health, 2007
Practice/Research Interests: Intensive care, infectious diseases, cardiology, anticoagulation, nutrition support, diabetes


Lorin Yolch, PharmD, BCGP
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Primary Care
Parkview Regional Medical Center

Rotation: Primary Care Clinic
Education: PharmD — Duquesne University, 2003
Training: PGY1 UPMC Hamot Medical Center, 2006
Practice/Research Interests: Ambulatory care, geriatrics


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