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​Volunteer opportunities at other facilities

Volunteer positions also are available at our four community hospitals in Noble, LaGrange, Whitley and Huntington counties. Simply submit your completed application to the contact at your preffered Parkview hospital location.

If you are interested in volunteering at:

Parkview Noble Hospital, contact Jane Roush, Director of Foundation, at (260) 347-8809 or jane.roush@parkview.com.

Parkview LaGrange Hospital, contact Ann Kadish, Volunteer Coordinator, at (260) 463-9009 or (877) 745-4441, ext. 49009 or ann.kadish@parkview.com.

Parkview Whitley Hospital, contact Carrie Hoffman, Director of Foundation and Volunteers, at (260)248-9802 or carrie.hoffman@parkview.com.

Parkview Huntington Hospital, complete this application. Please note this application is only for the Parkview Huntington Hospital location. Contact Melanie Hull, Volunteer Coordinator, at (260) 355-3319 or melanie.hull@parkview.com for additional information.

Parkview Wabash Hospital, contact Kerri Mattern, Manager, Patient Experience and Volunteers, at (260) 569-2413 or kerri.mattern@parkview.com.

Volunteer Positions

In addition to Parkview’s hospitals, you can also volunteer at one of Parkview’s non-hospital healthcare locations, including:

  • Performing clerical assistance work for the Employee Assistance Program library

  • Helping with clerical and cashier duties at medical park II

  • Helping children and staff at the Early Childhood Alliance

  • Providing paperwork assistance for accounts payable at Parkview Corporate Office

  • Various other locations

Volunteer Benefits

Besides the satisfaction of helping others and learning new skills, our general volunteer staff enjoys other benefits, such as an invitation to our spring Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.

Other volunteer privileges include:

  • A meal coupon on the day of volunteering. Volunteers receive the same discounts as employees in the hospital cafeteria

  • A free annual flu shot

  • A free annual TB screen

  • A holiday gift

  • Use of Parkview’s outpatient pharmacy

Volunteer Office

(260) 266-1470

Teresa Wedler

Manager, Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services
(260) 266-1467

Volunteer Application

To donate your time as a volunteer, please submit your completed application to volunteer services.

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