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​Job shadowing

Job shadowing experiences are brief experiences that pair you with Parkview professionals to learn more about a particular healthcare career. This program is not intended for vendors or medical product representatives.

Job shadowing experiences may be:

  • 4 hours long for high school students

  • 4 − 8 hours long for adults

  • longer options may be considered, depending on school requirement


  • Participants must be of high school age or older.

  • Complete Student Passport Job Shadowing application
  • Application must be submitted to Parkview Student Services at least two weeks prior to the requested date for job shadowing.

  • Upon approval by the Student Services Department, a confirmation e-mail message will be sent to the participant.

Requesting a job-shadowing experience

  • Complete and submit a Student Passport Job Shadowing application

  • Submit form to Parkview Student Services for assistance in finding a placement. Student placements will be accommodated according to availability of our resources. Students will be notified once a placement is confirmed.

Prepare for a confirmed student placement

If you have received confirmation for a student placement, please review these items from the Student Passport.

  • Job Shadowing Day

  • Privacy and Safety Guidelines

We recommend studying the confirmation e-mail and bringing a printed copy with you when you check in at the front desk of your hosting facility.

For questions or further assistance please contact the Student Services team at:

Nancy Weikel ▪ (260) 373-7222

Susan Jones ▪ (260) 373-7226

Johnathan Liechty ▪ (260) 373-7250

Completed forms can be faxed to (260) 373-3168 or emailed to:  or

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